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Satan's Great Deception - Part I
Plain Truth Magazine
October 1953
Volume: Vol XVIII, No.5
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Satan's Great Deception - Part I

Did you know that long before Jesus Christ was born, there were other "Saviors" worshipped as Sons of God? - other Madonnas, other Christ - childs - and the symbol of the cross? Strange as it may seem, this is true! And stranger still, the gospel of God sent to this world by God through Jesus Christ, was known and cleverly counterfeited many centuries before Christ. How that counterfeit was deliberately designed and spread throughout the world long before Christ - how that same pagan counterfeit was cleverly, gradually, by secret stealth and fifth column methods, innoculated into the early church until it completely replaced the gospel, the Truth of God and the Way of God, is the most mysterious, astonishing, yet important story of the history of mankind. That is the intriguing, yet vital and factual, theme of this book, here published serially in "The Plain Truth."

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Plain Truth MagazineOctober 1953Vol XVIII, No.5