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Our 20th Anniversary
Plain Truth Magazine
January 1954
Volume: Vol XIX, No.1
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Our 20th Anniversary
Plain Truth Staff  

This is the 20th anniversary of The WORLD TOMORROW broadcast, and The PLAIN TRUTH. Think of it! It hardly seems 20 weeks - and yet, again, 20 years is a long time! It was back in January, 1934, that The WORLD TOMORROW first went on the air. It was during January, 1934, that the first issue of The PLAIN TRUTH was written - and mimeographed! We were not able to afford the cost of printing it until a few years later. Jesus compared the Kingdom of God to the grain of mustard seed, which, when planted, is the smallest of all seeds, but which grows until it becomes the greatest of all herbs. Likewise GOD'S WORK of proclaiming the same original Gospel Jesus preached - the Gospel of the KINGDOM OF GOD - began, thru the media of radio and the printing press, the smallest of all religious programs, on one minimum-sized radio station of only 100 watts.

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1954Vol XIX, No.1