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Jonah 1:9, 15

How did this World's RELIGIONS Begin? - Part III
Plain Truth Magazine
January 1954
Volume: Vol XIX, No.1
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How did this World's RELIGIONS Begin? - Part III

Here is the little - known, gripping story of the birth of a great religious system. It began hundreds of years before Christ. It was calculated to DECEIVE humanity – and it has succeeded to this day! Did you know that at Christ's time pagan practices bore an amazing similarity to Jesus' teachings? Did you know that those pagan customs crept into the professing Christian world? The churches of today ignore this fact! Here is how it happened. In the two previous articles we discovered that Nimrod, the world's first despot, founded civilization at ancient Babylon. That civilization has engulfed the whole world. Nimrod also established apostate Sun-Serpent worship the worship of the devil and evil spirits. Then God scattered the people (Genesis 11:8).

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1954Vol XIX, No.1