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What did God promise to give Abraham and Sarah?
A son.

Genesis 17:19

Counterfeit Baptism Today? - Part V
Plain Truth Magazine
April 1954
Volume: Vol XIX, No.3
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Counterfeit Baptism Today? - Part V

How churches today have been deceived into practicing an ancient PAGAN baptism is the startling revelation in this installment of Dr. Meredith's forthcoming book. Part V. In the previous four articles we learned that soon after the flood Nimrod founded CIVILIZATION at BABYLON. IT REJECTED THE RULE OF GOD. After Nimrod's death, Semiramis, his wife - for purposes of prestige and power - developed a religious system at BABYLON. IT DID NOT RECOGNIZE GOD AS CREATOR AND SUPREME RULER OF THIS EARTH. Knowing the Savior was to come, she formed a false religious system. She palmed herself off as the virgin mother and MADE HER DEAD HUSBAND THE RESURRECTED SAVIOR. She counterfeited Christ's teaching over 2000 years in advance. She gave them an unscriptural twist.

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1954Vol XIX, No.3