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In a storm, to whom did Jesus say, "You men of little faith?"
The disciples

Matthew 8:26

AN OPEN LETTER to those awaiting baptism
Plain Truth Magazine
May 1954
Volume: Vol XIX, No.4
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AN OPEN LETTER to those awaiting baptism

We have good news! Many of you have been waiting weeks for this announcement. This summer, as in past years, baptizing teams will be sent from Ambassador College to meet those of you who are awaiting baptism. And here is more GOOD NEWS! Not only will the consecrated and well trained men on these teams cover the United States from coast to coast, but two of our ordained ministers will be in the British Isles to contact those of you who are abroad and wish to be baptized. In every way this work of God is growing. Hundreds, just like you, are beginning to surrender their lives to God, are coming to real repentance. They want to have their lives CHANGED. They want to be BAPTIZED!

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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1954Vol XIX, No.4