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WHY many translations of the Bible?
Plain Truth Magazine
June 1954
Volume: Vol XIX, No.5
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WHY many translations of the Bible?

SKEPTICS scoff at the Bible. A revelation from God to man? How could it be, they ask, with so many different translations? Which of the more than two dozen commonly known translations is God's revelation? Why are there, I ask you, so many translations? Is there only one which is right? Don't the different translations and versions contradict one another? Are some more accurate than others? Can we be sure that the original inspired revelation, given directly from God to the apostles and prophets, has not been corrupted beyond recognition? And what about the number of books in the Bible? Many believe some of the Bible is missing! These many questions NEED TO BE ANSWERED! Let's face them! Yes, it is time we learned the truth about the Bible. Despite its being the world's consistent best seller, the Bible is certainly the book "nobody knows"!

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Plain Truth MagazineJune 1954Vol XIX, No.5