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What did David do when he heard Saul was dead?
He cried.

II Samuel 1:12

Is Today's Week God's Week?
Plain Truth Magazine
October 1954
Volume: Vol XIX, No.8
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Is Today's Week God's Week?

Why does a Christian-professing civilization use a week named after pagan deities? What is its origin? When did the Church adopt it? SYNOPSIS: We take "time" for granted - yet we measure it with days named after pagan deities. Why? Our civilization is filled with pagan customs and superstitions which we never question. The preceding articles in this series have revealed many startling facts which should make us question the basis of our "Christian" civilization! Shortly after the flood Satan used the king and queen of the first organized civilization Babylon - to establish a diabolical counterfeit of the PLAN of God. Through Nimrod, the king (Genesis 10:10; 11:1-5), and his wife Semiramis, known as the "Queen of Heaven" (Jer. 7:18), and Ashtaroth (Judges 2:13), the arch - deceiver Satan was able to counterfeit the teachings of Christ, the apostles and the Church over 2000 years in advance. Was God's week also counterfeited for a purpose?

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Plain Truth MagazineOctober 1954Vol XIX, No.8