Tomorrow's World Magazine
September-October 1970
Volume: Vol II, No. 9-10
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   While reading an article about the Middle East recently, I was struck by a statement attributed to a venerable Moslem holy man. He asserted that, "Everything must begin with God's name."
   Now at first that may sound like so much hocus-pocus. The whole idea may seem trite and hyper-religious merely a superstitious ritual in which God's name is constantly intoned as some sort of magic good-luck charm. No doubt it could be just that. But, on the other hand, the more one ponders the real significance of that statement, the more fundamental it becomes.
   Just what is God's name anyway? Is it only a word? What does it really signify?
   When properly, deeply, and humbly understood, there is nothing in the entire universe comparable to the Name of God. There can be no equal, for no one else but God embodies the multiple offices of Creator, Ruler, Sustainer, and Possessor of the boundless cosmos. The name of God identifies the One who "inhabits eternity."
   Think about that for a moment.
   God is the One who inhabits, dwells in, fills, fully embraces, and is intimately familiar with the timelessness and limitlessness of infinite space. The name of God therefore symbolizes the very fountainhead of power, wisdom, and presence which pervades, energizes, and controls all that is seen and unseen.
   The name of God stands for that eternal Force which set in motion the immutable, living laws by which every physical and spiritual facet of the universe is ordered and regulated. And, finally, the name of God is the unbreakable seal binding the divine promises which are held out to every believer promises of providence, deliverance, salvation, immortality.
   So you see, the name of God is far more than a mere word. It is a mighty, living and all-inclusive force exercising sovereignty over everything.
   But what difference would it make if we took the old Moslem's advice? What if we began every new day, every plan, every activity with an acknowledgment of God's omnipotence? Would it make any difference in our lives?
   Today the nations of the world and especially those of the West are being torn apart by youthful rebellion and anarchy. What began as disrespect for parental authority has spread to the schools and now manifests itself in growing acts of revolution against the very symbols of government. But consider, for a moment, a world in which children were reared differently. Consider a world in which parents, when confronted by childhood rebellion, would consistently take action by beginning with an appeal to God for wisdom and love in meting out correction. Don't you think that would make a difference in youthful respect for authority?
   And what about the world's growing crisis of immorality. Try to picture a world in which young people began every date with an acknowledgment of God's name His omnipresence and controlling influence in their lives. Do you think that might reverse the moral toboggan slide?
   Or what about our increasingly materialistic, agnostic and cynical institutions of higher education. Imagine the impact of a class in economics in which the professor would begin by pointing to God as not only the Creator and Possessor of all wealth but also the Author of the fundamental principles for the right acquisition and use of wealth. What a death blow that would deliver to materialism!
   Or picture a class in biology in which the professor would begin by directing his students to the irrefutable evidence that God is both Designer and Creator of all life. Would that not counteract agnosticism and enlarge a student's understanding of biological systems?
   Or imagine a class in sociology. The professor begins by appealing to God as the Founder of the family unit and to the Bible as the source-book of instruction in successful human relations. What effect might that have on the trend toward family disintegration brought on by situation ethics and cynical self-gratification?
   Do you begin to catch the vision? Can you begin to see the wonderful changes that could come almost overnight?
   Yes, the name of God is a mighty concept far beyond the comprehension of our finite minds. It is a reality which we constantly need to be in tune with. And the way to be in tune with God is to acknowledge His sovereignty in all things. (For more information about the name of God, read the article, "The Unknown God")
   One final point: Understanding and acknowledging God's name is simple. But it is not as simple as it sounds. It is not as simple as picking "the religion of your choice." Because you can neither properly understand nor properly acknowledge God's name by you picking the religion of your choice. That is just not God's way.
   God has not given man the prerogative to decide for himself which religion or what beliefs are right. All we are able to decide and it is in fact the only real decision we ever make is whether or not we are going to wholeheartedly obey God's TRUE religion.
   Now we can again consider the statement that, "Everything must begin with God's name." What better way to be in tune with the Supreme Being than to seek His power, His wisdom, His presence at the beginning of every new day, every plan, every activity of life.
   And keep reading TOMORROW'S WORLD for the articles which the God of heaven and earth, the God who is your Creator, has specifically inspired for this age at this time.
   What is the scope of God's name? Only when you personally experience God's way can you ever really know.

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Tomorrow's World MagazineSeptember-October 1970Vol II, No. 9-10