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Where Is God's Church TODAY?
Plain Truth Magazine
July 1956
Volume: Vol XXI, No.7
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Where Is God's Church TODAY?

Here is the answer to the question which thousands of you have been asking! It is time you knew the truth about this WORK. Does Jesus Christ have many different evangelists and church denominations - each teaching a different "gospel" and practicing different doctrines doing His work? Is Mr. Armstrong's ministry just another one-man evangelistic work? Or are we God's Church - THE Church of God? Who gives us "the right to be right"? Could Jesus Christ be using, guiding and directing this work if it were not the work of His Church? It is time you knew how to recognize what the true Church is and which one it is! It's time you knew how, when, and where this religious babylon of hundreds of denominations started. The truth will come as a shock!

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly 1956Vol XXI, No.7