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Name the prophet who had visions of dry bones coming to life.

Ezekiel 37

Heart to Heart Talk with the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1956
Volume: Vol XXI, No.8
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Heart to Heart Talk with the Editor

Frequently zealous co-workers will ask us to send the names and addresses from our mailing list of those in their vicinity. The letter will read something like this: "I'm so hungry for regular fellowship with others who listen to the program and who know and love the truth. I think it would be a wonderful idea if I had your mailing list so I could go around and get all these people to meeting regularly together." At first glance such an idea may seem splendid. But Scripture teaching and the lesson of experience compel us to refuse. This is difficult for some to understand, so we feel it well to explain. Jesus compared His followers to sheep. The Bible speaks of ministers as shepherds. It is a most apt comparison....

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1956Vol XXI, No.8