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What was the religious sect Paul belonged to before he was converted?

Philippians 3:5

Heart to Heart Talk with the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
September 1956
Volume: Vol XXI, No.9
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Heart to Heart Talk with the Editor

SOME seem to think Gods people never encounter difficulties, meet trials or tests, but are blessed continually with smooth sailing! Because this great and important work of God, conducted through His called human servants, has had to survive a long and severe series of crises and tests of faith, a few have concluded, "Well, if it has met with some trouble, and is in a crisis, I guess it isn't God's work after all. I guess God has deserted it." And then they proceed promptly to desert it themselves, just when it needs their help the most! Does the Bible teach smooth sailing for true Christians whom God is using? Did the men of God, whose lives pleased God, as recorded in the Bible, have only an easy time of it, or were they constantly meeting trials, tests, troubles of every sort - being continually forced to cry out to God for deliverance? Listen to God's own instruction:

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Plain Truth MagazineSeptember 1956Vol XXI, No.9