MY ANSWER to an Atheist!
Plain Truth Magazine
December 1956
Volume: Vol XXI, No.12
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MY ANSWER to an Atheist!

In response to hundreds of requests we are again publishing Mr. Armstrong's open letter which has been out of print for almost five years. Five years ago, I published a letter from an atheist. Regardless of the spirit in which it was written, it posed fair questions. If a Christian is unable to answer these questions rationally and with proof, he has no basis for faith. Here is a condensation of his letter and the article which appeared in the October, 1951 number: "Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, "Box 111, "Pasadena, Calif. "Dear Mr. Armstrong: "I judge by you being a preacher you have a God, and as we have history of many gods and the wonders they have brought to the world including its creation. May I ask, Which one of these many gods do you claim for your God?

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1956Vol XXI, No.12