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Teen-agers being misled about SEX and LOVE
Plain Truth Magazine
January 1957
Volume: Vol XXII, No.1
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Teen-agers being misled about SEX and LOVE

Should we blame our teen-age boys and girls for being confused about sex and love when we permit TV, movies, songs and novels to mislead them? Many adults appear shocked at the teen-age confusion about sex and love. But few adults and parents would admit that they are just as confused about what love really is - and about the right use of sex in marriage. "We live in a society which gives sex attraction and sex performance an adulation close to idolatry," said a recent article on this vital subject - and yet at the same time our society "attempts to ignore the existence of sex... and to push it aside as dirty and sinful." WHY? What makes parents shun "the facts of life"? Why are teen-agers often told, "Aren't you ashamed to have your mind in the gutter!"

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1957Vol XXII, No.1