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After Job had lost all his herds, family and servants, what did he get on his body?
Sores (boils).

Job 2:7

Germany IS RISEN Again!
Plain Truth Magazine
February 1957
Volume: Vol XXII, No.2
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Germany IS RISEN Again!

A new German colossus is risen in Europe. Here is astounding news you need to keep abreast of! Germany is a powerful nation again! Only a few years ago, the victorious allies relaxed with a sigh of relief as the German High Command signed surrender documents at Nurnberg, Germany. It was over. We had won. Germany had been conquered, whipped, DEVASTATED! Or had she? Today, the western allies are bound together with Germany in NATO ties, facing a common enemy to the east. The general, blinding fear of Communism has bound former enemies into mutual aid agreements to form a solid front, a stalwart bulwark against the ever advancing hordes of Asiatic Communists. But something is wrong! Germany, to the surprise of western planners, is not acting like the peaceful, docile vassal they supposed she would!

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Plain Truth MagazineFebruary 1957Vol XXII, No.2