Just How Important Are the DEAD SEA SCROLLS?
Plain Truth Magazine
February 1957
Volume: Vol XXII, No.2
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Just How Important Are the DEAD SEA SCROLLS?

It is time you knew the truth behind the recent discovery of ancient religious documents in caves near the Dead Sea. A clever sales campaign is riding the crest of renewed interest in the Bible. Dozens of books and articles have been written to sell the idea that the recently found DEAD SEA SCROLLS are vital for a new understanding of Christianity. But are these scrolls really important? Do they "shed a brilliant new light on Christianity" as claimed? Here is what you should know about these documents - How It All Began. The first scrolls were discovered by accident about 10 years ago. The scene was the blighted desert beside the Dead Sea. It was one of the "wildernesses" of Palestine, even in Bible times.

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Plain Truth MagazineFebruary 1957Vol XXII, No.2