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Whom did Elijah bring back to life?
The son of the widow of Zarephath.

I Kings 17:22

Heart to Heart Talk with the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
April 1957
Volume: Vol XXII, No.4
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Heart to Heart Talk with the Editor

THERE is a commonly-assumed idea in the world that it doesn't make any difference what one believes, if he is sincere. One man's beliefs are often considered to be as good as another's. The idea seems to be that it doesn't make so much difference what one believes, if he is sincere. For example, there is the much-used admonition: "Attend the Church of your choice." Each church denomination holds to a combination of beliefs that differ from every other denomination. Yet the average church member considers that these differences are not of great importance. In fact, the average church member doesn't know what those differences are. He probably has only a vague and hazy idea of what his own denomination believes. You hear the explanation: "All our church denominations worship the same God, and all are on the way to the same place. They are just taking different routes, going different ways - but all lead to the same destination in the end." Do you believe that?

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1957Vol XXII, No.4