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What did God use to guide Israel through the wilderness?
Pillar of cloud, pillar of fire.

Exodus 13:21

How YOU Can Control Your Emotions
Plain Truth Magazine
May 1957
Volume: Vol XXII, No.5
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How YOU Can Control Your Emotions

Are you emotionally stable? If you are able to completely control your emotions, you are a rare person! In our rapid-pace modern society, the high pitch of "living on the run" has played havoc with the emotions of the entire nation! As a result of a combined number of influences and present-day world affairs, the average individual finds himself faced with seemingly insurmountable emotional problems. Our newspapers report to us daily the gruesome, breath-catching incidents which portray a nation out of control a people almost driven mad from devices of their own making!

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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1957Vol XXII, No.5