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Mark 10:44

The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Installment 6
Plain Truth Magazine
May 1958
Volume: Vol XXIII, No.5
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The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Installment 6

We continue the SIXTH installment of the story of Mr. Armstrong's life. This article reveals more of the unusual experiences of those formative years, which provided the early training leading to the world-wide impact of today. Following the original survey of business conditions in Richmond, Kentucky, instructions came from the home office of The Merchants Trade Journal to do another investigation. They wanted this one from a larger town. Lansing, Michigan, was suggested. Interviewing Henry Ford. Also I was assigned to interview Henry Ford in Detroit, and to write an article on his famous $5-a-day wage plan which was then a national sensation. At this juncture I shall have to confess that I do not remember positively whether this interview at the Ford plant took place on this trip, or on my first "Idea Man" tour to New York state. But I believe it was on this final tour.

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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1958Vol XXIII, No.5