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What claim did Paul make to avoid being beaten, in Jerusalem, by a Roman Centurion?
Roman citizenship.

Acts 22:25

The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Installment 9
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1958
Volume: Vol XXIII, No.8
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The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Installment 9

This ninth installment covers Mr. Armstrong's marriage, military training for World War I, draft board experience, unrecognized call to the ministry and continued business experiences in Chicago. It was the night of May 13, 1917. I had fallen in love with an Iowa girl, teacher in a one-room country school. We had been walking down the roadside past the school, the Quaker church and graveyard. I had told Loma Dillon I was in love with her. But she appeared shocked and bewildered - stammered that she was not sure. The thought of living in Chicago frightened her. Slowly we walked back to the cross-roads country store owned by her father, over which the Dillon family lived. Since she was not sure of being in love, I had said regretfully but firmly:

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1958Vol XXIII, No.8