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Matthew 27:9

Exciting News about AMBASSADOR COLLEGE
Plain Truth Magazine
May 1959
Volume: Vol XXIV, No.5
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Exciting News about AMBASSADOR COLLEGE

Here is the ANSWER for those who would be truly educated! Here is the enthralling story of a unique college blazing new trails - recapturing true values! While the world is hurling itself to a "civilized" form of nuclear suicide, Ambassador College stands out as an oasis in the desert of human misery and confusion. It represents an amazing and wonderful opportunity for young men and women of college age! Ambassador's motto is: "Recapture True Values." When we take an objective look at this world, its "civilization" and its education, we can more intelligently appreciate the great need for such a motto - and its attainment.

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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1959Vol XXIV, No.5