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What was Luke's occupation?
He was a physician.

Colossians 4:14

NEW TRANSLATION of Bible Being Prepared!
Plain Truth Magazine
June 1959
Volume: Vol XXIV, No.6
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NEW TRANSLATION of Bible Being Prepared!

Work is already under way on a fresh, clear translation of the inspired Greek text of the New Testament! Here's really big news! Not only is the true gospel now being published and preached around the world and behind the Iron Curtain in several languages, but the groundwork is being laid for the written Word of God - the Holy Bible to be accurately, plainly and clearly translated from the inspired Greek New Testament into English! It is time there is a translation which makes the truth of the New Testament plain, readable, clear. It is time we return to the inspired text of the New Testament as the apostles themselves worse it.

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Plain Truth MagazineJune 1959Vol XXIV, No.6