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Genesis 28

The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Installment 23
Plain Truth Magazine
December 1959
Volume: Vol XXIV, No.12
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The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Installment 23

At last, in this 23rd installment, we come to Mr. Armstrong's ordination into the ministry, with the account of his first funeral, and the first extended evangelistic campaign. The year 1931 dawned for Mrs. Armstrong and me, like those preceding, with dark and overcast skies. It was one more of the economically lean years. It was an exceedingly high-point year in my life. It was the year in which I was ordained as a minister of Christ's Gospel, plunged full time into the ministry. Yet this very ordination was to foment multiplied opposition and persecution. God did not induct me into His service as an imposing figure impressing others as a man of importance, wisdom and distinction.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1959Vol XXIV, No.12