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Who am I: I was sick. Isaiah said I was going to die, but I wept and prayed to God reminding him that I had tried to follow him. He healed me and I lived another 15 years.

II Kings 20:1-6
The Bible Story - The Worst Weather Ever!
Plain Truth Magazine
May 1960
Volume: Vol XXV, No.5
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The Bible Story - The Worst Weather Ever!

Only a few hours after Moses and Aaron were told that the Israelites could not have their freedom, the two servants of God returned to the royal court. Flanked by his guards and aides, Pharaoh was just starting out on a short tour outside the city to view the livestock damage. "Perhaps it would not be best for you to make this tour at this time," one of the aides told Pharaoh. "A strong wind is coming up, and is whipping dust and sand in from the desert." Moses and Aaron Reappear. The king was about to make some kind of reply when he saw Moses and Aaron standing on the palace steps only a short distance away. Between them they carried a large leather bag.

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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1960Vol XXV, No.5
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