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The Seventh Commandment
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1960
Volume: Vol XXV, No.8
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The Seventh Commandment

What is the REASON for so much misery and frustration in modern marriages? What is the God-given WAY to really happy homes? The answer is revealed by understanding God's living LAW! Is "SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY" the all important thing in marriage? In this age of broken homes, juvenile delinquents and modern psychology, many will say that the answer is "yes." But the fact remains that the more these "modern" theories are put into practice, the faster the divorce rate climbs and the more little children are doomed to grow up without the blessing of a stable, happy home. It is a painful FACT that almost one out of three marriages in America ends in the divorce courts. And the more educated and "modern" people become in their views, the more the divorce rate literally SKYROCKETS! Take a look at California - one of the most "up-to-date" areas on earth.

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1960Vol XXV, No.8