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What prevented the lions from attacking Daniel?
An angel shut their mouths.

Daniel 6:22

Plain Truth Magazine
August 1960
Volume: Vol XXV, No.8
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Garner Ted Armstrong   
Church of God

Born: February 9, 1930
Died: September 15, 2003
Member Since: 1930
Ambassador College: 1956
Ordained: 1955
Office: Evangelist

Gullible Americans and Britons are ASLEEP TO A GRAVE DANGER! Read, with your own startled eyes, the frightening trends underway which could spell our collective DOOM! Trade war! These electrifying words will send a chill of apprehension over you when you realize their full meaning! NEVER have there been times such as these! In just a few short years, look what's been happening! At the close of World War II, the smoke of battle cleared to find the United States the most powerful, productive, energetic force the world had ever seen. Our military strength, our production figures, our industrial capacity was simply staggering! Europe was lying stagnant, reeking with the smell of death - staring balefully through the empty, shattered hulks of burned-out factories at a bleak, grey scene. France was on her knees - Germany lay in ruins - Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and all the eastern European nations were almost inert, still smarting from the ravages of a long and terribly destructive war.

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1960Vol XXV, No.8
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