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What two letters were written by Paul to the same man?
I and II Timothy

The Bible Story - Safe At Last!
Plain Truth Magazine
October 1960
Volume: Vol XXV, No.10
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The Bible Story - Safe At Last!

"Keep on toward the east!" Pharaoh shouted from the floor of the Red Sea. "The Israelites are just ahead! We can overcome them within the hour!" That was one of the last sentences Pharaoh uttered. While the Egyptians were struggling in the slippery mud, the last parts of the Israelite columns were coming up out of the gulf of the Red Sea. A mounted messenger was sent ahead with the information that all the people had reached the east shore of the gulf. As soon as Moses had received the news, God spoke to him, telling him to stretch his hands and shepherd's rod out toward the sea so that the parted waters would merge. Moses halted the movement of the people, and went to the shore to obey God's instructions. (Exodus 14:26.)

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Plain Truth MagazineOctober 1960Vol XXV, No.10