PEACE is coming in our time!
Plain Truth Magazine
November 1960
Volume: Vol XXV, No.11
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PEACE is coming in our time!

Here is GOOD NEWS! But few realize how or the way in which peace will be brought to this strife-torn earth!

   BILLIONS today hope for the best, but fear the worst is coming! Our children are facing a world convulsing in the throes of war and preparations for war.
   In the last forty years, the statesmen and religious leaders of the world have tried every means to bring about "peace in our time." Politicians still promise people peace to gain their votes.
   But there is still no peace!
   The League of Nations, formed to make the world safe for democracy, was shipwrecked by the ambitions of Hitler, Mussolini, and the Japanese warlords. Shortly before the second world war ravished Europe, Asia and Africa, the Prime Minister of England, Sir Neville Chamberlain, met with Hitler to dismember Czechoslovakia and bring "peace in our time."
   Then WAR struck!
   The nations united against Fascist aggression and constructed the United Nations Organization, admittedly this world's LAST HOPE of peace. But within weeks after the close of the war, Russia began the new cold war — and hot wars too!

Congo Shipwrecks the U.N.

   In the inflated prosperity that is deluding so many, we are forgetting that the world's admitted last hope to bring peace is falling to pieces! The United Nations are not united. There is no real unity against the sinister advancement of communism. The Congo tragedy is the latest fiasco.
   Present world policies are leading us closer, not to peace, but to the final contest for world mastery — the final WAR which the world shudders to face — where whole cities will become livid crematoriums of twisted steel and burning rubble, where the countryside will become a desolate graveyard of starving and dying refugees! No, there is no way left by which the statesmen of THIS WORLD can bring peace. The world's admitted last hope, the United Nations, is hopelessly wrecked. War is inevitable. It is only a matter of TIME.
   Why won't we awaken to the realization that humanity is on the brink of oblivion? Our world leaders KNOW what is ahead, but they are afraid to let you know how terrible it will be. They are frightened themselves, but don't know what to do about it!

Most Important Activity on Earth

   There is a far more important work now going on than all the efforts of U.N. peace missions. It is publishing and preaching the good news of God's intervention and of a Supreme World Government. It is MORE IMPORTANT than all the efforts of this world to bring about peace. It is the message of the world's only hope, the only WAY to peace. It is the gospel — the good news, now being broadcast on the World Tomorrow.
   The world needs world government, but it can't produce one. It has failed in its last chance by its own admission! The gospel is the good news of the coming World Government which will bring peace by changing human hearts and minds, by imparting the nature of God to mortal beings who only have human nature filled with lusts that bring on wars (James 4:1).
   People want peace but they don't know how to find it. Peace can come ONLY by divine intervention.
   That is WHY the gospel must go as a witness to all nations — so all will remember that God was right after all. If they had only listened wars would not have happened; there would not have been such unbearable anguish. When God does intervene in this very living generation, when man is about to annihilate himself, the world Will be FORCED to listen to God's ways and laws which they have despised.

Who Will Rule the World?

   For thousands of years certain men have sought to control the world. Today the open struggle for world mastery centers about the Western powers under American leadership against communist tyranny and slavery.
   What makes today's struggle so serious is that human existence is at stake! As early as 1953 President Eisenhower met with his National Security Council, the commanders and civilian chiefs of the armed forces, and with a committee of advisers on defense of the North American continent. In this meeting it was revealed that it is now possible "for any nation with a moderate military budget to manufacture hydrogen weapon within the next decade."
   Think of it! At a time when all the world is caught in the struggle for world control, it is possible for MANY NATIONS — not JUST the United States or Russia — to manufacture hydrogen weapons and to enforce their will on the world! Think what it means for the future of human life on this planet with the power of the hydrogen bomb in the hands of the irresponsible leaders! At the very time when the world is conscious as never before of the need for world government, it is now possible for Germany and MANY other nations to produce the hydrogen bomb within a decade, and to threaten the peace and safety of ALL HUMAN LIFE.

Undercover Struggle for World Control

   While the open struggle between East and West steadily increases, it is vital that the West understand there are more contenders for world rulership than just America and Russia. SECRETLY operating with the most clever ruse, there are nations within the Western camp who only await the time when they can come into the open to launch a stunning attack that WILL shake this world to its foundations! and crush American might before the Communists will be able to launch their planned final attack!
   Strange as this may sound IT IS TRUE!
   Our Western Alliance is collapsing from within!

Germany Rebuilds for a PURPOSE!

   It is now the concerted policy of British and American governments to allow the revival of German military might. They openly admit it could become a threat to world peace. The Germans, of course, know that alone they could never expect to gain mastery of the world. Western leaders know this fact also. And that is why they are willing to risk the rearmament of Germany within a United Europe. But what American leaders do not grasp is that Germany has other and more far-reaching plans!
   Germany is at this moment planning to head a union of nations in Europe in order to gain mastery of America and the world-shocking as this may seem!
   Before we reveal these plans, we need to call to mind a report published for official distribution by the Bonn Government in Germany.

Who Killed 2,167,000 Germans?

   The title of this official report is "Proposals and Figures on the Economic Rehabilitation of Expellees in Western Germany." It was published by the Advisory Roman Catholic Refugee Council with the Refugee Bishop and with the High Papal Protector of Refugees. In this report it is proved that nearly 12,000,000 Germans were forced to flee into Western Germany from Eastern Europe as a result of the policy of onetime allies America, Britain and Russia.
   A map on page four of this publication compares the German problem with what would have happened in the United States if such a policy had been forced upon our land. Most Americans fail to realize the magnitude of the sufferings imposed on post war Germany by these expellees who needed new homes. It can be compared to the forced removal of every man, woman and child from Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South and North Dakota into the states east of the Mississippi River but south of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
   If this would seem a terrible calamity to us, think how Germany feels. They experienced it!
   But what is worse, in the winters before and after the close of the second World War, 2,167,000 Germans perished while attempting to flee. Of these 850,000 were killed or deported by the Russians. But another 1,317,000 perished of cold and hunger because–as many Germans word it–of America's determination to punish Germany.
   Germany does not hold us guiltless for what happened!
   Here now, are more surprising facts about the coming United Europe, embodying a union of church and state to bring about "peace" in German style!

Dr. Adenauer's Position Revealed

   Germany, despite the indications of the past elections, is secretly playing the same tricks on us today as she did after the first World War. Dr. Adenauer talks openly of cooperation with the West and of a United Europe. But what is not commonly known are his undercover opinions and statements.
   In 1949 Dr. Adenauer declared in Berne, Switzerland, that the Allies had "no mandate from the German people to submit to the terms of unconditional surrender." In 1950, he led a mass meeting of Berliners in singing "Deutschland Ober Alles" in the presence of Allied representatives.
   Before he became Chancellor he admonished his fellow countrymen: "We must move very cautiously. We ought not to give the impression either in Germany or in the United States that WE SHALL COLLABORATE IN ANY WAY WITH THE RUSSIANS."
   Notice, these are the statements and acts of a man who professes to be with the West, yet who has the age-old German concept that Germany must unite Europe to complete her mission of world leadership.
   The German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeirung," often considered one of the most influential mouthpieces of Germans and the German government, said in an editorial of June 5, 1952: "The fact that we are tied up with the NATO pact does not make it impossible for Europe, as soon as it is strong enough and the international situation has changed, to become one day independent from every side."
   America's defensive wall against Communism in Europe is built on quicksand. We are unaware of the determination of Germany, and of all continental Europe, to be free and independent from the dollar diplomacy of America.

Ex-Nazis Advise German Government

   In his book, Germany Plots with the Kremlin, published in 1953, T. H. Tetens reveals the startling facts that in Madrid, Spain — the country with which America has concluded treaties — a German Geo-Political Center is established which covertly attempts to mould the foreign and domestic policy of the German government. This group, comprised of "ex-Nazi" business men, military advisers and analysts, publishes a Circular Letter which is a "general staff plan for a new German approach to divide and conquer the world."
   The following shocking extracts reveal how the Germans are planning underground to fulfill their "mission of world rule."
   In answer to the question "Has Germany any obligation towards the United States?" the Madrid Circular Letter says: "It must not be our worry but theirs (America's) if in the last resort their calculations prove to be abysmally stupid. For us the war has never stopped … In order to protect Germany against total destruction of its military and economic potentials, as planned at Yalta, we blueprinted a bold plan and created a flexible and smoothly working organization which, at the end of the war, provided the pre-condition for all the gains that by necessity emerged for Germany out of the chaos of the postwar period."
   The letter continues to explain that "Economic difficulties will one day plunge the United States down from its present dizzy heights. Such a catastrophe can be brought about through crafty manipulations and through artificially engineered crises... Such a prospect would open tremendous possibilities for the future power position of a bloc introducing a new order in the world" Germany heading a United Europe!
   Now listen to what a German religious publication has to say about Germany's future role in world leadership. In an editorial from the front page of "Christ und Welt," of December 27: 1951, we read: "Continental Europe WOULD BREAK AWAY FROM THE ATLANTIC PACT if the Soviets agree to … release not only the Eastern zone of Germany, but the whole of Eastern Europe into a European Union. A United Europe, standing on its own feet and possessing its own powerful army, could begin with the development of its colonial empire in Africa. Such a Europe, whatever the ties might be with America, could afford to carry out such an independent policy because it will have the strength of a THIRD POWER."
   Notice, even religious publications in Germany envision a United Europe, under German leadership, becoming a third power in the world, and also envision the seizure of the British Empire in Africa in order to provide release for Europe's overpopulation. Italy and Germany both need colonies in Africa, and the Germans have never forgotten that the British "stole" her colonies after the first World War. Such are the views of a religious publication about a proposed New Order — a FASCIST New Order!

Conspiracy with the Vatican!

   It is time we learned of the secret collaboration between the Nazi Underground and Vatican representatives. The following is a vitally important statement made in this same Madrid Circular Letter: "It must therefore be our (Germany's) supreme duty to place ourselves in the vanguard of the struggle to keep Europe out of any future war. If we succeed in this, we will surely gain the trust of the people and undisputed leadership in Europe … The world is longing today for the millennium. In the role of champion for peace, we would gain stature in world public opinion... Europe would then be willing to follow German leadership. Such a policy can be pursued successfully, ESPECIALLY IN VIEW OF THE PRESENT ATTITUDE OF THE VATICAN. THE POPE IS A REALIST IN POLITICS AND KNOWS WELL ENOUGH, IN THE AGE OF THE ATOM BOMB, THERE IS TOO MUCH AT STAKE FOR THE CHURCH AND FOR EUROPE AS A WHOLE."
   Think of it! German leaders professing peace and collaboration with the West in order to build themselves a firm foundation for world conquest and uniting with the Church in order to cement Europe's quarreling nations into a united front against East and West. Strange as this plot for world control may appear, it is being planned today — and among nations allied with the West!

What America Doesn't Know

   The West is asleep even though it thinks it is awake.
   Today, America has agreements with such nations as Spain, Italy, Germany and Yugoslavia — all of which are basically non-democratic. We are pouring billions in financial and military aid to them at the very time they are secretly plotting to stab us in the back. When will we wake up to understand that this world is filled with enemies — MANY enemies — who are plotting to seize world domination which God placed in our hands at the close of the last war.
   Americans do not understand the psychology of other nations who lust for world control and who are conscious of a mission of world leadership — "Fuehrermission" — as the Germans say. Other nations will stop at nothing to fulfill their aspirations. It is little wonder that Americans and British can't fathom this way of thinking.
   In World War II America found itself in — voluntarily raised to the dizzy heights of world leadership. Russia wants to take that leadership from us today and so does Europe!

Prophecy Makes Future Plain

   Prophecy reveals to us the development of world history in advance. It reveals that Russia will not be able to launch a World War now — though she would if she could. It tells us clearly that the FASCIST system that has fastened itself on Europe for centuries will once again rise to CONQUER AMERICA AND GREAT BRITAIN. But a world that does not accept the Scripture as a Revelation from the Creator — thinks it only a man-made book–cannot know what is destined to take place.
   Prophecy reveals how Europe will unite under the influence of the Vatican and a revived Germany to destroy the British Empire, how America will be conquered, and finally how there will be another religious persecution in order to establish a Fascist New World Order guaranteed by an apostate church to bring "peace."
   Russia, instead of conquering America as she now plans, will conquer a revived Fascist German Europe dominated by the Vatican — and how in the closing battles of earth's history human life would be totally annihilated in atom — and hydrogen-bomb warfare UNLESS THE CREATOR SHOULD INTERVENE BY SENDING JESUS CHRIST TO ESTABLISH THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD ON EARTH AND ENFORCE PEACE AT LONG LAST.
   These days are more terrible than most realize. The time is ominous. In 15 years this world will be plunging to destruction in order that men might know once and for all time that the Creator RULES and that His laws alone bring peace and happiness.
   Then God will finally bring us peace in our time by divine intervention. How plain it is! How imperative is the need that this gospel go to all the world with ever-increasing power bringing the only hope for humanity — the good news of the kingdom of God which will bring peace to a suffering and distraught humanity.
   Now that YOU KNOW what is going to happen, now that YOU UNDERSTAND what God has commissioned all of us do, are you going to yield yourself to Him in earnest prayer, in whole-hearted submission, in constant Bible study, in tithes and offerings so that a sick humanity will remember the witness of the gospel and finally turn to God — so that those whom God is calling might hear the TRUTH now and turn to Him and escape the terrible calamities soon to fall on this earth?
   Are you?

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Plain Truth MagazineNovember 1960Vol XXV, No.11