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He deceives.

Genesis 25:26

Plain Truth Magazine
December 1960
Volume: Vol XXV, No.12
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The first five months of 1960 marked the MOST DISASTROUS earthquake year in four decades! Earthquakes of a magnitude never before recorded by man have recently rocked sections of this earth. Scientists are alarmed! - admit that something world-wide is going on! Read the startling answer in this article by a faculty member at Ambassador College. Striking suddenly out of the gray dawn of Saturday, May 21, 1960 erupted the most devastating and catastrophic series of earthquakes EVER RECORDED ON EARTH! Within hours an area as large as the state of New York was completely destroyed. FOUR THOUSAND persons lay dead! Another thousand lay dying, their plaintive cries for aid going unheeded in the twisting chaos about them.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1960Vol XXV, No.12