The Bible Story - The Tabernacle Built
Plain Truth Magazine
May 1961
Volume: Vol XXVI, No.5
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The Bible Story - The Tabernacle Built

Moses told the people after he returned from atop Sinai that God had given him plans for a tabernacle. "Every detail of how the tabernacle should be built, I have with me," Moses explained. "Think how great an opportunity you are being given to show God your thanks for not blotting you out because of your sins." "God has ordered us to build this tabernacle," Moses said to the crowd. "He will be pleased with us if we give generously and willingly of our materials, wealth, skills and labor. Every one can have a part in doing something for our Creator." Shouts of "What can we do?" and "Just how can we help?" came from all parts of the vast congregation.

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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1961Vol XXVI, No.5