The JOYFUL Way of Giving Birth!
Plain Truth Magazine
May 1961
Volume: Vol XXVI, No.5
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The JOYFUL Way of Giving Birth!

Why is childbearing considered such a painful, torturous ordeal by many women? Shouldn't it be the moment of supreme JOY for a young mother? PART 6. The last two installments of this series, we discussed the right mental ATTITUDE toward parenthood and childbirth and the correct physical preparation of the expectant young mother. We have seen that parenthood is a tremendous BLESSING! The God-ordained process of recreating ourselves is something that should be looked forward to with expectant JOY by every young married couple. They should plan for it together - talk it over often - and make it the happy event which our Creator intended that it should be. But what about the very moment of birth? Where should it be? How can you properly plan for it?

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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1961Vol XXVI, No.5