The Bible Answers Short Questions From Our Readers
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1961
Volume: Vol XXVI, No.8
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The Bible Answers Short Questions From Our Readers
Plain Truth Staff  

Several readers have recently asked: "Would you please give us more details about the free Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course? We cannot ever hope to go to college, but we do want to understand the Bible!"

   The Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course is for everyone! It is a totally new, different kind of Bible study course designed to lead you, by the study of your own Bible, in your own home, to UNDERSTAND God's WORD the TRUTH.
   Here are just a fraction of the questions covered in the course:
   What do present terrifying world conditions mean? WHERE are we headed? How will mankind be saved from extinction by hydrogen and cobalt bombs and other frightful weapons? WHY did God put man here on earth? Were you, as an individual, put here for a PURPOSE and what is that purpose? WHAT is man WHY is man? What is THE WAY to world peace THE WAY to freedom from fear and worry, poverty, sickness, unhappiness? WHAT is the reward the FUTURE of [he saved? Does GOD actually exist can it be proved? What IS God what is God like? Is God a Person, a Trinity, or merely PRINCIPLE, Or ESSENCE? If God is Personal and intelligent, what does He look like how BIG is He and how do we KNOW?
   Doctrinal questions as heaven, hell, salvation, law and grace, the great tribulation, the rapture the Virgin Birch. the resurrection, [he second coming, [he millennium are made thoroughly interesting.
   There has never been a course like this before!
   All these, and many more questions the most VITAL, most IMPORTANT questions of YOUR LIFE are thoroughly gone into, and you are directed to the clear, plain, simple answers, in your BIBLE! You will learn HOW to study the Bible WHY so few UNDERSTAND it. You will PROVE whether the Bible really is the INSPIRED WORD OF GOD!
   This Course is NOT denominational. It is offered free, without tuition fee to those who earnestly desire to understand the Bible, and will devote a half hour, every day, to its study. The only equipment you will need is your own Bible, a good dictionary, paper and pen although, if you are able and wish to provide one or more additional translations, a good concordance, or other Bible "helps," you may do so.
   You do NOT send us the answers to each lesson, but every few months we will send you a questionnaire or test covering the most recent four lessons to see if you have kept up with your lessons and are still interested in continuing the Course.
   The value of this Correspondence Course lies in the KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING you will receive in your mind and heart.
   The BIBLE is a very big Book, when you undertake to really KNOW it, and thoroughly UNDERSTAND it. And if you pursue this study earnestly and thoroughly, you will not have completely mastered it all, or come to complete knowledge in any short period.
   The length of this course is not as yet determined. We desire to make it comprehensive and thorough, but me ultimate length will depend on the interest and perseverance of its enrolled students. Several tens of thousands have enrolled additional thousands are starting the course every month. The study of the Bible is, and ought to be, a life-long study not a six months, one year, or four-year limited course. If ENOUGH of our enrolled students show an interest and desire to continue on, the Course probably will continue indefinitely. As long as God's people continue HUNGRY for the spiritual food, we, God's servants, will continue to feed them. Already in print are 36 lessons and tests.
   This is a stirring, vitally interesting Course. It is not dry or dull. It sparkles with INTEREST. But, to benefit by it, you will have to really put your HEART into it, and NOT LESS than thirty minutes a day of your time. It will have to become the principal and number one INTEREST in your mind, continuously, day by day. There has never been any Course like this, and if you will set yourself to be really devoted to it, you will be richly rewarded by constantly coming into surprising, thrilling, JOYFUL new truths.
   If, with this information, you wish to start out on this interesting study, then write us IMMEDIATELY. There is NO tuition fee. You will not be asked for contributions. Your Course has been paid for by others who, of their own accord, desire to let you have a part with thousands of other students in studying the Bible in your own home. We are not controlled or subsidized, sponsored or endowed or financed by ANY denomination or organization of men there are no selfish ends to gain only a desire to serve and SHARE God's precious TRUTHS, in a self-sacrificing ministry of LOVE.
   Many of our students belong to no denomination. Many belong to various denominations. But ALL, without having any voice to dictate what is preached or taught which is dictated by CHRIST ALONE Study God's Word together. This is merely a frank and straight-forward explanation of how this Course is directed GOD'S WAY,
   We sincerely hope you will want to receive the first lesson and then enroll and enter with enthusiasm and joyful ZEAL in pursuing regularly and permanently the thrilling STUDY of YOUR BIBLE.

FREE Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1961Vol XXVI, No.8