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Who accused Hannah of being drunk when she was praying?

I Samuel 1:13

The Bible Story - Twelve Scouts Search Canaan
Plain Truth Magazine
December 1961
Volume: Vol XXVI, No.12
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The Bible Story - Twelve Scouts Search Canaan

Perhaps you will remember the time when the Israelites who complained were suddenly, supernaturally electrocuted. At that time the people begged Moses to exhort God to have mercy on them. (Numbers 11:1-3.) Later, when many died because of eating too much quail flesh, no screaming groups of people came to beg or demand of Moses that he again plead with God for them. Many were too ill to come to Moses, and those who weren't ill realized that the dead and the sick had brought these conditions on themselves. Nevertheless, there were some here and there who even later persisted in eating quail flesh that was beginning to spoil. The result was more illness and a few more deaths.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1961Vol XXVI, No.12