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Whom do we deceive if we say we have no sin?

I John 1:8

The Shocking TRUTH about
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The Shocking TRUTH about "QUEER" Men!

It's time America and Britain really FACED the problem of effeminate and homosexual men in our midst! It's time we learned the ANSWER to this revolting situation! "Someday we'll outnumber you, and then you'll be the abnormal ones and we'll be the normal" So says the homosexual to the rest of society in the shocking book, "The Sixth Man," by Jess Stearn. This book takes its tide from the estimate that one out of every six American males already is tainted with homosexuality, and that the proportion is increasing. It indicates that many male homosexuals are married men with families and responsible jobs! Harold L. Call, of the Mattachine Society, Inc., said: "Among those you love most deeply there is likely to be at least one homosexual person.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1961Vol XXVI, No.12