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Communism, "Christianity" - and Double Talk

Communism and "Christianity" bedfellows? Not quite, but both have one striking thing in common!

   WHAT in the world could COMMUNISM have in common with interpreting the Bible? A great deal only, very few have ever recognized it.
   Communism, of course, is many things. It is a doctrine, based on the theories of Marx and Engels. It is a revolutionary program. It is relentless class war. It is a radical philosophy of history. It is a radical philosophy of society. It is a social system. It is an economic system. It is a political strategy. It is a world conspiracy.

One Thing in Common

   But, though opposite or different in many respects, it does have one thing in common with organized "Christianity." And I definitely do not mean the original Christianity of Jesus Christ and the first-century Apostles. I mean the organized "Christianity" of our day, which interprets the Holy Bible!
   Among other things, realized by too few, Communism is a system of double-talk. Interpreting the Bible, likewise, is a system of double-talk!

What Do You MEAN?

   Let me illustrate. Let me make it clear.
   The purpose and proper function of words is to convey meaning from one mind to another, or to others.
   When a person uses the word peace, he conveys to the minds of others a state of tranquility, absence of violent strife or war; a state of quiet, or rest. When one uses the word defense, he conveys to others the meaning of protection from harm or from change, and from without. When one uses the term political party, he conveys the idea of one of the political groups or divisions within a government, as a part of it, merely differing in certain areas of thought or method in policies, procedures or administration of that government.
   When one uses the term life, he means existence-and, in respect to humans, conscious existence, as opposed to death; and the term death is used to convey the meaning of cessation of life.

Communist "Peace"

   But when a Communist uses the word peace, he does not mean cessation of struggle or violence, and state of quiet rest at all. He means virtually the opposite. He means a state of stirring up struggle, strife and war; he means a state of violence, continuing until he and his "comrades" have imposed their ideas and concepts, their tyranny and their dictatorship rule on the whole world.
   The word peace, to the Communist, means the state of chaos and violence and strife he can produce until the world lies prostrate in his clutch, enslaved into his kind of enforced quiet of nonresistance and docile submission to his dictates which he envisions as being finally restful and "peaceful" to him, if not to his victims. But he uses the word peace to deceive those he is trying to conquer and subjugate.
   When Khrushchev says he is for peace, he means he is in favor of all opposition just giving up, lying prostrate before his feet. He means he is coming with war and violence, but there will be peace if and when we submit in unconditional surrender when we let him take all we have from us, and make us his slaves. He is always for PEACE that kind of "peace."
   When you hear Khrushchev say he is for PEACE, you need to know what he means by that word. He is using DOUBLE TALK. He doesn't mean what you mean and he uses the word deliberately to deceive you. If he can make America and other nations think he is for peace, perhaps we will get real friendly and quit resisting and just surrender to him!

Communist "Defense"

   The Red Army is, they assure us, organized only for DEFENSE! In their double talk, they are not aggressors WE are the imperialist aggressors!
   Now look at this. UNDERSTAND the ridiculous absurdity of it!
   Here we have peaceful America. We have no such national purpose as a goal to overthrow any other nation, or to force or impose the American form of government, or its system of society, on any other nation. We want to live and let live. When a national disaster happens in Japan, either the U.S. government sends big-scale generous help, or American citizens start a voluntary movement, making sacrifice and contributions on a large scale to send help.
   When Germany, Japan and Italy form an Axis alliance and attack us in a dastardly surprise sneak-attack on Pearl Harbor, and we resist to the point of winning the war, then immediately we start sending them BILLIONS of dollars, and sympathetic and generous aid of all kinds, to rehabilitate them and rebuild the destruction they brought on themselves.
   And yet, naive, generous, kind-hearted America so says Khrushchev is a reprehensible imperialist aggressor, trying to attack Russia!
   You simply have to understand Communist double talk to comprehend that!
   The Communist system of distorted and perverted thinking is this: Their idea of society, economics, and government is the only right idea and therefore every other idea is wrong. Every other idea is against peace, and is their enemy. Even the static, peaceful existence of any other system of government, economics and society and religion is a menace and threat, for the reason they cannot have PEACE until we give up our concepts and ways, and surrender to them.
   Consequently, they work their reasoning around to the idea that our very existence is an AGGRESSION against THEM. From this warped and diabolical point of view, our existence, even letting them completely alone, is disturbing their "peace" of ruling us therefore, an attack by the Red Army to conquer us is only DEFENSE!
   Isn't that "nice" reasoning? But it serves their PURPOSE to try to make the world think they are for PEACE, and their armies only for "defense." They use the trick of having one opposite meaning for a word to them, and another, but natural and normal meaning to us, in order to deceive us into letting them destroy and conquer us!

What Communist Party Is

   Now to us, a political party is a political group within the national government loyal to, and part of that government but differing in certain concepts or methods of procedure or policy in the administration of that same government.
   But here again, the "Communist Party" is merely a trick term to pull the wool over our eyes and deceive us a means of getting a fifth column into our midst of getting the ENEMY'S GOVERNMENT into our very midst, leading us to accept it as part of OUR government. Its only object is to DESTROY our government. Of course, if it could do this peaceably at the polls, it would but it knows it can't, so it does stand for the VIOLENT OVERTHROW of the United States government.
   Actually, the Communist Party is NOT a mere political party, in the sense Americans think of the term. It is a ruthless totalitarian Dictatorship. It is run, with absolute power, by a few men at the top all of whom are completely subservient to one man who is Dictator Absolute. This one-man dictatorship is supposed to be necessary because there may be different interpretations of the Marxist philosophy. Therefore, to prevent division, they must have a Supreme INTERPRETER.
   In practice, since Communists came to power in their first government, Lenin was its first supreme interpreter, then Stalin. After Stalin's death no one man was able to establish totalitarian domination over the small group at the top the Politbureau until Khrushchev emerged on top. In the meantime there was terrific struggle for this leadership. Some were ruthlessly murdered in the struggle for power before Khrushchev won out.
   But Khrushchev's position as Secretary of the Communist Party gave him the inside track. The Communist Party is NOT merely a political party as part of the government of the U.S.S.R. It is not one of the political parties in America, which is part of the US. government. It is not part of ANY government. It IS a government a WORLD government, which has set up, and therefore RULES the Soviet government in Russia. It is supreme over the Soviet government!
   Instead of being another political Party as part of the party system of American government, it is a foreign government, whose sole purpose is to destroy, and overthrow, the government of the United States, and set up a foreign Communist government here instead, just as it set up such a government in Russia, in China, in East Germany, in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and other countries.
   The Communist Party is outlawed in many countries. Yet its double talk has deceived many countries into allowing it to operate as one of its own country's political parties!

Interpreting the Bible Is Double Talk

   Now notice the similarity between a method of organized religion, labeling itself "Christian," and this method of Communist propagandists.
   As stated above, when one uses the word life, he means existence and, in respect to humans, conscious existence remaining ALIVE. He means being alive, as opposed to being dead. And when he uses the term death, he means the cessation of that existence the STOPPING of that life, as opposed to still being alive.
   Now in the Bible God uses words to mean what they say. Of course Jesus spoke in parables. But parables are not double talk.
   True, Jesus specifically said that he spoke to the public always in parables, so that they would not understand to hide, or cloud the meaning. He said it was not given to them to understand NOT THEN. But he used no deception. He did not mislead them. He did not use terms which led them to believe the very opposite of what his words implied. He merely left them puzzled, without understanding, as He intended.
   Of course, also, the Bible, in a very small percent of Scriptures, speaks in SYMBOLS. But a symbol is not deceptive, misleading double talk. As a parable is using one experience to illustrate a truth, so a symbol is the use of one term to picture something else having similarity in some form. For example, the term "mountain" is used to illustrate a great major nation, and "hill" represents a small nation. A "woman" in subjection to her husband is used to symbolize the Church in subjection to Christ. The relation is the same, so that the one pictures the other. Nations are sometimes represented as "trees." The natural olive tree is pictured as Israel wild olive trees as gentile nations. Always there is similarity of nature, character, or function, so that one, far from having a misleading opposite meaning, actually illustrates the other.
   But the Bible explains its own symbols. Nowhere does the Bible deceive, or resort to double talk!
   But now look at Romans 6:23: "The wages of sin is DEATH; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." There is no double talk there!
   Those words are neither symbol nor parable. They are not allegory. They are PLAIN WORDS, making a PLAIN STATEMENT, and they mean precisely what they say.
   Now this Scripture uses the word "life" as the opposite of "death." The one, death, is the penalty of SIN. The other, life, is the opposite of death, and comes as God's GIFT. But it is a different life than this present temporary existence it is eternal life. This says plainly that that ever-continuous eternal life is a GIFT which God has to give. That means we do not have it, now, or otherwise!
   But when the professional clergy, who had inherited and accepted the pagan idea of the "immortal soul," came across this plain statement which made a liar of their "tradition," they resorted to INTERPRETING these words they resorted to double talk!
   Here is one of many places where organized "Christianity" uses satanic double talk to pervert God's Word to deceive the people into accepting a meaning utterly different than the Bible plainly SAYS.
   When the Bible says plainly that the wages the penalty of SIN is death, they twist this to mean that the penalty of sin is just the opposite of death they say it means eternal life, but only in a different place, and condition. They say it is eternal life in the torture of hell fire burning forever and ever, yet never burning up!
   When Jesus Christ says the Meek shall inherit the EARTH, they use double talk to make this mean that the saved go to heaven. They make salvation, or punishment, a matter of geographical location, while the Bible plainly SAYS it is a matter of condition that man is mortal; the penalty of sin is DEATH; the soul that sins is not immortal, but it shall DIE (Ezek. 18:4, 20), but the gift of God, or salvation, is ETERNAL LIFE.
   In, other words, the BIBLE says it is a matter of CONDITION the penalty of sin is the condition of DEATH of being DEAD for eternity eternal punishment, not eternal punishing. Salvation is being given a gift we do not already have ETERNAL LIFE; that is, being put in the condition of being joyously ALIVE for eternity.
   It is a matter of WHAT we are, not WHERE we go!
   When the Bible uses the word DEATH as the very opposite of eternal LIFE in the same sentence, it means DEATH, as opposed, to being ALIVE!
   As I heard a contemporary of mine a radio evangelist who also has a world-wide audience say on his program, when he came to this passage, "death" means "separation from God."
   THAT IS PLAIN DOUBLE TALK! That is a LIE! That is an attempt to deceive!
   If we are already IMMORTAL, so that eternal life is not what God says a GIFT we may obtain under certain conditions He lays down then what do these words, "eternal life" in this passage mean?
   To interpret the Bible is to put a different meaning on its words to resort to diabolical, satanic, deceptive DOUBLE TALK.
   Interpreting the Bible is putting your own meaning into it, instead of receiving out of it GOD'S intended meaning. It is a method of saying to people: "The Bible doesn't mean what it says. God is a liar. You must believe what I tell you what I make God's words mean. Believe ME, not God."
   When you read, in Galatians 4:24, the words: "... which things are an allegory: for these are..." then continuing to explain what the allegory means, you are not left in doubt. The passage there was speaking in allegory but it tells you so-in plain language and then explains its own meaning!
   When Scripture says plainly, "Jesus spake a parable, saying..." you know it is a parable. It says so.
   There is no doubt, when we read in Revelation, first chapter, of the seven stars in Jesus' right hand (verse 16), and the seven candlesticks (verse 13), that these are SYMBOLS. Verse 20 tells us plainly that the stars represent angels, and the candlesticks represent churches. There is no deception no double talk, there. No interpreting is needed. The Bible interprets itself.
   To INTERPRET the Bible is to use the satanic, diabolical, deceiving methods of Satan and of Communism. It is a means of LYING.
   The Plain Truth makes the Bible which is Truth-PLAIN, because we know it means what it says, and says what it means. Yet I often receive letters from people telling me they are interested in "my interpretation of the Bible!"
   PLEASE understand! The WORLD TOMORROW program, and The Plain Truth, DO NOT INTERPRET the BIBLE. Believe it as it is, in Christ Jesus!

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Plain Truth MagazineFebruary 1962Vol XXVII, No.2