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Why did Moses have to go up Mount Sinai and get a second set of tablets with the Ten Commandments on them?
He broke the first set.

Exodus 32:19

The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Installment 48
Plain Truth Magazine
October 1962
Volume: Vol XXVII, No.10
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The Autobiography of Herbert W Armstrong - Installment 48

We enter atomic age, as World War II ends. World Tomorrow goes daily, heard Coast to Coast. What a year 1945 was! It saw not only the end of World War II, the historic San Francisco Conference planning the United Nations, the deaths of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Benito Mussolini and supposed suicide of Adolf Hider, and the dawn of the ATOMIC AGE, but also the start of daily broadcasting of The WORLD TOMORROW, heard nation-wide!

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Plain Truth MagazineOctober 1962Vol XXVII, No.10