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Who, in Ruth, was called a "kinsman-redeemer?"

Ruth 2:19-20

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The "Beast" of Revelation Rears Up Its Head!

An UGLY system of men is shaping up in Central Europe. Your Bible calls it the "Beast" and reveals its effect on major events in YOUR FUTURE! Startling development s to affect YOUR FUTURE LIFE are now under way in Europe. As always, the world as a whole remains asleep to their significance until AFTER the next "Pearl Harbor" incident is over! Tying in directly with the political and military revival of Germany and a united Europe, a sinister religious movement is beginning to affect the destiny of Western Europe - and your life. For the God of Heaven has prophesied for our day a political - military - religious system of awesome power and proportions! A fearful omen to the future of America and Britain, this prophesied "Beast" is now beginning to take shape in specific detail. To know what lies ahead, to grasp the significance of current news, you need to UNDERSTAND the ultimate goal of this system - and then WATCH IT DEVELOP before your very eyes just as God prophesied ill advance!

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Plain Truth MagazineJune 1963Vol XXVIII, No.6