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What supernatural blessing did God give Abraham?
A son.

Genesis 21:5

Don't Let Doubt, Despondency and Discouragement Ruin Your Life!
Plain Truth Magazine
October 1963
Volume: Vol XXVIII, No.10
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Don't Let Doubt, Despondency and Discouragement Ruin Your Life!

Are YOU one of those millions suffering from FEAR? Are you despondent, morose, doubtful, discouraged? Do you have an inner sense of timidity, inferiority, and a lack of self-confidence? Millions do! Here's the positive cure! Everyone wants to be happy. And life was meant to be happy filled with thrills, joy, pleasures, and rewarding experiences! Why is it, then, so very FEW seem to really enjoy life? Discouragement, despondency and frustration are not limited to the poverty-stricken and the shut-ins alone! This universal disease of inferiority, timidity and doubt afflicts people in ALL walks of life - every income bracket! Whether through failure in business, the loss of a loved one, disappointment at unachieved goals, or severe discouragement through handicapping accident - the result is the same - terrible unhappiness, and a "what's the use" attitude.

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Plain Truth MagazineOctober 1963Vol XXVIII, No.10