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December 1963
Volume: Vol XXVIII, No.12
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Was "Noah's Flood" local, or world-wide? Where did enough water for a world-wide Flood come from? Where did it go after the Flood? Were all animals killed by the Flood except those Noah took with him into the Ark?

   WAS there really a Flood? Granted, the Bible claims there was a Flood but does the Bible mean what it says?
   If there was a Flood, what was it like? HOW MUCH of the earth did it destroy? What evidence did it leave?

Why Science Attempts to Discredit the Flood

   Few people realize that geologists have uncovered amazing proofs that a universal Flood once destroyed the earth. But these same geologists refuse to accept the plain, obvious evidence they have discovered. They have rejected the proof of the Flood.
   The Bible makes the answer plain.
   Geologists and evolutionists do not like to "retain God in their knowledge" (Rom. 1:28). So they have invented fantastic theories about "long geologic ages" in a vain attempt to explain a creation without a Creator.
   Evolutionary geologists will fully ignore the true meaning of the scientific facts they have uncovered. "For this they WILLINGLY are ignorant of, that by the word of God... the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished" (II Pet. 3:3-6).
   But scientists are not the only scoffers.

Even Theologians Scoff

   Many theologians don't have the nerve to teach the Bible just as it is. They are afraid of the opinions of men!
   God-defying atheists ridicule the Bible by saying "many millions still live in mental bondage controlled by IGNORANT RANTERS who accept the Bible as the last word of science" (Geotimes, Vol. II, No. 2, Aug. 1957, p. 12). So the timid theologians compromise the truth of the Bible with the theories of evolutionary geology.
   Theologians attempt to straddle the fence by teaching about the Bible and about the atheistic doctrines of evolutionary science at the same time. In order to please those who believe in supposed long geologic ages, they teach their flocks the Flood was only a local flood. They have deceived millions.
   But you don't have to be deceived. Why, if the Flood was a local flood, did Noah spend upwards of 120 years building the Ark? Why not flee that local valley to a high mountain?
   Do you think the Creator would be so deceitful as to have Noah and his family and their hired help spend 120 years building a huge ark, when all Noah would have had to do was to escape to the next higher valley, or to the nearest high mountain?
   Scores of theologians reject the plain statements of Scripture. They subtly ask, "How was it possible for a pair of all the animals found now on earth to be placed in Noah's Ark? How could the Ark have been big enough?"
   They ignore the fact that God said to build the Ark large enough to hold at least one pair of each kind of animal. THAT IS EXACTLY what Noah did. They ignore the fact that God commanded Noah to take at least one pair of all animals "after their kind" (Gen. 6: 19-20). THAT IS JUST EXACTLY what he did (Gen. 6:22; 7:5). From those original Genesis "kinds" have sprung all our many and colorful varieties today.
   Foolish theologians even ask, "Suppose the Ark were large enough, how did Noah find all these animals? How did he manage?"
   GRASP this ALL-IMPORTANT truth. God ALWAYS makes it possible tor His servants to do as He commands them. Your Bible indicates that a pair of each animal and seven pairs of the creatures that were fit for man to eat, gathered around the Ark (Gen. 7:8-9). God gave these creatures an impulse a fear that drove them to the Ark, and when Noah opened the door of the Ark they merely walked in.
   God said, "Take these animals into the Ark." That is EXACTLY what Noah did (Gen. 7:5).
   Noah HAD 120 YEARS to do as God told him (Gen. 5:32; 6:3; 7:6). Noah didn't do something else, he did EXACTLY as God told him. That is why God remembered Noah (Gen. 8:1) and brought him safely through the Flood, but let the disobedient of Noah's day, theologians and all, drown.

KINDS Multiply Into Many Varieties

   Still others have asked, "Did a few animals found in the Ark multiply into all the forms of life we find today?"
   We need to understand that from two dogs could be bred all the many, many breeds of dogs we have today. That is not evolution. Dogs never evolve into something else. They are still dogs little dogs, big dogs, short dogs, long dogs but still dogs!
   All the many different breeds of horses sprang from the original pair of horses.
   Noah only needed to take a pair of each kind, not all the many varieties of each kind we find today.
   Theologians find the Bible account of the, Flood very embarrassing. It is hard for them to explain away the plain statements of Scripture. God's Word very plainly states, "And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth, and ALL THE HIGH HILLS, that were under the whole heaven, were covered... And ALL flesh died that moved upon the EARTH" (Gen. 7:19-21, emphasis ours).
   Where do you stand? Do you have the courage to honestly and earnestly search for the truth? Or do you, too, seek the praise of men rather than the praise of God?

YOU Can Know

   There is a surprising way for you to be able to "see through" the maze of inaccurate and confusing theories of evolutionary science and discover for yourself irrefutable proof that the Flood occurred!
   You can know that the Bible stands proved! You can know that the Flood occurred just as God says it did. You can see how evolutionary geologists have clearly twisted the facts of the Flood to substantiate their false theory of evolution. The truth is truly amazing! Open your Bible and read it.
   Your Bible reveals amazing scientific facts about the Flood.
   On the day the Flood started, the earth's crust erupted ripped open by gigantic streams of water shooting out of the ground (Gen. 7:11). Cloudbursts created flash floods everywhere. The Creator, by using the power inherent within Himself, caused the ocean bottoms to rise and the continents to sink.
   Can you even begin to picture the fantastic destruction this world-wide Flood brought upon the earth? As the waters rose higher and higher, huge waves roared endlessly inland from swollen seas. Inland landscapes were quickly obliterated.
   Realize this Flood actually happened! Hour after hour, day after day, winds of hurricane force roared. Mountain-high waves swept over the highest hills until by the end of forty days the Flood waters COVERED the entire earth (Gen. 7:20).
   The roaring Flood surged forward over the continents, creating havoc everywhere, destroying everything in its path.
   Even after the great storm was over, for 150 days tremendous tides continued to sweep over entire continents (Gen. 7:24). There was no dry land anywhere.
   Birds flying above the water in a desperate attempt to survive finally became exhausted and were drowned in the huge waves. All land creatures were destroyed (Gen. 7:22).
   Not many have been able to realize the devastating destruction a WORLDWIDE Flood would bring upon the earth. Even after the waters began rapidly draining back into the earth and the oceans, and evaporating into the atmosphere, violent action was far from over.
   For months after the water level of the earth began to drop, huge tidal waves having at first little resistance from submerged land masses continued to rage back and forth across the land. Time and again these wind-swept waters, drawn by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon, swept over reappearing land masses, covering the continents with a layer of mud and sand, burying the remains of animal and plant life (Gen. 8:13).
   Gigantic whirlpools gathered large numbers of plants and animals together and buried them under tons of mud and silt.
   Terrific forces beyond anything now known twisted, folded and bent rock formations. World-wide earthquakes and volcanic outbursts shook the earth and heaved great land masses up and down. The face of the earth was changed beyond recognition.
   Proof of such a gigantic catastrophe cannot be hidden. The first proof the Flood occurred, the Bible account, can be proved. The sedimentary rocks of the earth rocks made when the silt settled out of the Flood water were laid down in RAPID succession in a very short time, not over eons of time, as evolutionary geologists claim.

Why Geologists Refuse to Teach the Truth

   God has preserved in sedimentary rocks startling proof the Flood occurred. Evolutionary geologists foolishly refuse to accept the truth.
   They realize that if they admitted flood waters deposited the earth's sedimentary layers SUDDENLY, then their theory that life evolved over long geologic ages couldn't possibly be true!
   Because their theory of evolution demands long eons of time, geologists speculate that it took the "forces of nature" hundreds of millions if not billions of years to lay down these immense sedimentary beds we find on earth today.
   Why do these evolutionary geologists refuse to accept the PROOFS that the sedimentary rock layers actually reveal?
   Few people realize that the foolish, absurd BASIS upon which ALL geologic theory is built is the theory taught by James Hutton (1785) that "the present is the key to the past." Hutton taught that "given sufficient time, processes now at work could account for all the geologic features of the Globe" (Carl Dunbar, Historical Geology, p. 18).
   This doctrine that "the present is the key to the past" the foundation, the basis, of evolutionary geology is often called "uniformitarianism."
   Simply stated, this doctrine teaches the theory that the processes of erosion and the processes of laying down sedimentary layers have always been going on at essentially the same rate as they are today. In other words, this doctrine of uniformitarianism which is the foundation of evolutionary geology teaches that a sudden destructive world-wide Flood never occurred because one is not occurring now! This is simply another way of trying to account for a creation without a Creator. It is a ridiculous course of action taken by desperate men who have seen the PROOF of God's existence, and have rejected that proof (Rom. 1:18-22).
   The evolutionary geologists Gilluly, Waters, and Woodford teach their students that "the great thickness of the sediments... is the inevitable result of long continued operation of slow processes we observe today" (Principles of Geology, p. 21). But nothing could be further from the truth! These authors ought to know better.
   Geologists claim to conform to the principle that "the present is the key to the past." They carelessly assume that because a world-wide Flood is not taking place right now, one never did take place!
   It is not sound logic to GUESS that a world-wide Flood never took place just because one is not taking place right now. You can look at the earth's sedimentary layers and see mountains of clear-cut geological proof that one or more Floods did occur!

The Geologists' Dilemma

   Geologists have long taught that the soil and rocks of the continents are gradually being eroded and washed into the seas.
   That is why geologists have decided that the land has been first rising above the level of the seas and then sinking down again below the water time after time. What geologists postulate is hundreds, or even thousands, of floods occurring over and over again in eons of time.
   Somehow they assume such a process repeated again and again would enable the sedimentary layers of rock to become deeper and deeper.
   According to this theory, if sedimentary rock layers were ever laid down in the bottoms of seas in the past, they would also be LAID DOWN NOW! For they claim that the way the forces of nature lay down the sedimentary layers now, explains how they were laid down in the past.
   But they also know sedimentary rocks are not being laid down now except perhaps in limited deltas at river mouths.
   There is no way out. Something happened in the past that is not happening now, a fact quite contrary to the theory scientists profess to believe. The doctrine of uniformitarianism, the theory that the "present is the only key to the past," is a fiction!
   In other words, rather than admit that a universal Flood deposited the earth's sedimentary layers, atheistic evolutionists invent a long series of little floods. They conveniently concoct the theory that the continents first rose above the seas and then sank below them so sedimentary rocks could settle slowly to the bottom of these illusive oceans.
   In order to explain the many different kinds of sedimentary rock layers, they say this process repeated itself over and over again, causing first a dry land condition, and then a condition of flooding again and again but of course over long eons of time. Somehow long ages of time are supposed to make the impossible the evolutionary theory of long geologic ages possible.
   Notice this astounding proof that sedimentary layers are not being laid down today in the bottoms of the oceans or anywhere else for that matter!

Modern Geologists Know Better

   Recent geologic discoveries have given geologists a profound shock! They have found conclusive evidence which totally contradicts and refutes their cherished doctrine of uniformitarianism. They are finding that ALL that is being deposited on the ocean bottom is a soft layer of ooze, which could not form a layer of sedimentary rock.
   What is even more astonishing scientists are finding that the thickness of this ooze on the ocean floor "is much less than was anticipated." Geologists admit, "Why this is so is an UNSOLVED PROBLEM at the present time" (Edwin L. Hamilton, "The Last Geographic Frontier: the Sea Floor," Scientific Monthly, Vol. 85, Dec. 1957, p. 296).
   The layer of soft ooze on the ocean floor is much, much thinner than it would be if the ocean had existed for long geologic ages.
   They were even more astounded to find that when this ooze is pressed into hard stone, it forms a flint-like rock which is largely chert, formed from siliceous remains of microscopic sea life. This chert is VERY UNLIKE sandstone, shale, and limestones that form the sedimentary rocks found throughout the earth (Harold W. Clark, The New Diluvialism, p. 15).
   Evolutionary geologists have been forced to confess that "no continent has yielded a sedimentary rock proved to be a solidified deep-sea ooze" (A Textbook of Geology, Part I, Physical Geology, p. 220).
   In other words, evolutionary geologists can't find PROOF that any of the continents have ever been at the bottom of the sea, for if they had been, they would today be covered with chert instead of with limestone, sandstone and shale.
   These facts prove that sedimentary rock layers have not been formed on ocean floors over eons of time, as the inventors of the false doctrine of uniformitarianism who themselves know better want us to believe.
   The very fact that sedimentary rock layers of shale, limestone, and sandstone are not being formed today on the bottom of the oceans is PROOF positive that these layers never have been deposited on the bottom of the sea, and then later risen above the water to become the continents of today.
   Since sedimentary layers are not being laid down at present, on the ocean bottoms or on the continents, a sound mind can come only to the conclusion that at some time in the past they were laid down by the violent action of a world-wide agent. The very nature of the sedimentary rocks themselves proves that this universal agent was the monstrous tidal waves of a world-wide flood!
   If each sedimentary layer had been laid down gradually over a long period of many thousands of years as geologists claim then erosive agents such as frost, rain, windstorms and other natural forces would have washed gullies and holes in whatever layer was then on top long before it had time to harden and long before the next layer could have been laid down.
   Look carefully at sedimentary layers and note for yourself that each layer was laid down smoothly on top of another before ANY erosion took place, with not a SINGLE SIGN of erosion anywhere between. It could not have taken millions of years to lay these layers down!
   Realize that a single thunderstorm can wash out deep gullies in a few minutes. How could each layer have been exposed to the rains of thousands of years and still be very flat and smooth, not showing a single sign of erosion?
   Common sense dictates the answer.
   As huge tidal waves and powerful currents swept across the continents, the raging Flood waters swept up the soil, plant and animal remains.
   As the Flood waters were pulled forward over the continental land masses by the gravitational pull of sun and moon, similar materials such as limestone or sandstone settled down to the bottom in layers.
   Then as the tides rolled back and forth, layer after layer was laid down as the sediment settled out of the muddy waters.
   As the Flood waters became calmer, great sheets of sediment mud and silt, animal and plant remains were constantly settling to the bottom of the waters in clearly defined layers, one on top of the other in rapid succession.
   Do you now realize that only the tidal wave action of a universal Flood could SUDDENLY lay down the sedimentary layers as they are found from one end of the earth to the other?
   Yes, the Flood stands proved!
   Not only have modern geologists uncovered conclusive proof that the only possible way the earth's sedimentary rock layers could have been laid down was by a universal Flood, they have also found proof in the fossils these rocks contain that a world-wide Flood occurred.
   Then why don't they teach you the truth?
   Remember that evolutionary geologists are the product of colleges and universities which reject God as myth.
   In our colleges and universities atheistic professors scornfully claim that any student who believes the Bible account that the Flood occurred is untrustworthy, ignorant, superstitious, or the victim of hallucination or some other form of mental aberration.
   Every young student respects and fears his learned professor who usually has a lot of degrees after his name. No student wants to be labeled as "ignorant," or "superstitious." To avoid such a stigma, the pliable, young college student usually rejects God and the truth of the Bible.
   Rather than risk having his professors and fellow students accuse him of being "unbalanced," the young student finds it easier to accept the wild guesses of his evolutionary teachers as truth, and to reject the revelation of God as myth.
   Then after the unsuspecting student has rejected the FOUNDATION of all knowledge the Holy Bible it is easy for atheistic evolutionists to teach him that all fossil records, all sedimentary layers are to be interpreted to fit the fallacious assumption that life evolved from the simple to the complex over long eons of time. So the young geology student then assumes that a so-called simple fossil is hundreds of millions of years old and the sedimentary layer in which it is found is also just as old.
   Do you also realize that the geologist offers the theory of evolution as proof for his long geologic ages. Round and round they go!
   If the age of the rocks is determined by the remains or the age of the organisms they contain, how do they determine the age of an organism? Obviously the age of any fossil is interpreted according to the theory of evolution, a theory which leads them to make wild guesses that life evolved long, long eons ago.
   Believe it or not! This absurd reasoning in a circle by basing the guess of long geologic ages upon the assumption that evolution is true, and then basing the theory of evolution upon the assumption that long geologic ages are true, is the only proof either the evolutionists or the geologists have that their theories are true. Furthermore they have no other proof that the Flood did not take place, than this reasoning in a circle.
   The plain truth is that both the evolutionist and the geologist will not admit that a world-wide Flood took place. They cannot help but realize that just as soon as you prove that Flood waters deposited the earth's sedimentary layers in very recent times, you also prove that evolution could not possibly be true, for the theory of evolution cannot be true unless there have been hundreds of millions of years in which life could evolve.

How Are Fossils Formed?

   It will help many to understand geology to learn that fossils are the hard parts of plants and animals which have been preserved by petrifaction. Fossils are not only the remnants of plants and animals that once lived, but also the imprints they have left in the rocks. The fossil imprint of a plant, an insect, or an animal was first made in soft mud before it hardened into rock.
   It is common knowledge that any animal which dies today quickly decays and rots into dust. That is why scientists cannot prove there are any fossils being preserved today.
   Before an animal can be preserved as a fossil, it must be quickly covered by a sudden catastrophe such as a flood, volcanic matter, or preserved by sudden freezing.
   An animal must be buried very suddenly to prevent decay.
   Furthermore, scientists know that animals leave fossil remains only when they have been covered up with sediment almost immediately before decay sets in.
   A scientific article in the Encyclopedia Britannica makes this clear. "The remains of animals can only be preserved if they are deposited at a place where mud or sand is being laid down."
   Not only that, but, "When buried in sand a shell is exposed to the percolating waters which if acid are capable of dissolving it." Notice then, "Its preservation is therefore dependent either on the sealing down of the sand by such a layer of clay as will prevent the circulation of water, or on a solidification of the sand by a cementing together of the individual grains, usually by calcium carbonate... " (Encyclopedia Britannica, "Paleontology," p. 102, 1946 Edition).
   Likewise the geologist knows that if the theory of evolution is not true, then of course neither is his theory of long geologic ages.
   Because they have been deceived into believing the false theory of organic evolution which teaches that life evolved over many hundreds of millions of years, geologists can't correctly interpret the evidence they have found.
   The startling truth is, as the geologist Dunbar admitted, "... Fossils provide the only historical, documentary evidence that life has evolved from simple to more and more complex forms" (Historical Geology, p. 47 Emphasis ours).
   When we understand how coal is formed we will understand why fossils cannot be formed except by some sort of sudden catastrophic action.

The Lesson for You

   We need to understand that even more important than the knowledge of how to prove the Flood occurred is the knowledge of WHY God wants you to know the truth about the Flood!
   First, God wants you to know that He is Ruler and Creator. The Apostle Paul revealed, "... he that cometh to God must BELIEVE that He is and that He is a REWARDER of them that diligently seek Him" (Heb. 11:6).
   Second, the real message of the Flood is that just as in the days of Noah, all men who today refuse to acknowledge and obey God will also perish (Luke 13:3).
   God inspired the record of the Flood to be written for our example (I Cor. 10:6) and as a warning to repent, a warning to turn to God with all our hearts.
   In the third chapter of Revelation, God promises He will protect the faithful who are in this end-time backing the work of spreading His end-time warning and His end-time Gospel Message about the soon-coming rule of Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of God.
   The same God who used His power to destroy the world with a flood is also able to protect you from all harm and danger in the days ahead. Your Bible says Jesus Christ promises He personally will protect you. Jesus said to the faithful, "Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I will also keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth" (Rev. 3:10).

(to be continued)

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1963Vol XXVIII, No.12