Geology Reveals Proof of the FLOOD - Part II
Plain Truth Magazine
January 1964
Volume: Vol XXIX, No.1
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Geology Reveals Proof of the FLOOD - Part II

The facts of geology reveal that fossils were formed by a great world-wide catastrophe! Here is proof that fossils were not laid down slowly over millions of years, as evolutionists claim, but suddenly by a world-wide Flood.

   IN THE last issue of The PLAIN TRUTH we saw startling proof of a universal world-wide Flood. Proof that the earth's sedimentary rock layers containing millions of fossils could not have been laid down slowly, over millions of years, as claimed by evolutionary geologists.
   Some day and soon enlightened scientists will be forced to confess a world-wide, universal Flood. They will be forced to admit the Biblical account describes the only possible way fossils in the earth's sedimentary surface layers could have been formed.

What about Fossils?

   Where did fossils come from? Were they laid down over millions of years as evolutionists claim? If so, why aren't fossils being preserved today, except in rare instances such as in a flash flood, a volcanic eruption, or the sudden collapse of mountainsides along the ocean's edge?
   Let us notice why fossils, just like sedimentary rock layers, are not being laid down today as they once were.
   First notice what the Encyclopedia Britannica states: "The remains of animals... can only be preserved if they are deposited at a place where mud or sand is being laid down" ("Paleontology," p. 102, 1946 edition).
   Fossils are not being preserved in vast quantities throughout the world today because a universal world-wide flood is not now taking place. Masses of animal bones and shells and coal beds are not now being formed. Notice the following proof.

Why Buffalo Remains Not Preserved

   Only one hundred years ago the American buffalo, or bison, roamed the Great Plains by the millions. These vast herds were almost completely exterminated by hunters, and their remains left lying on the ground.
   Did natural processes of death and decay preserve these buffalo remains as fossils?
   The evolutionary geologist Carl Dunbar makes the answer clear. He said, "The buffalo carcasses strewn over the plains in uncounted numbers two generations ago have left hardly a present trace." What became of these over fifty millions of buffalo carcasses that were so recently left lying on the plains?
   Dunbar answers, "The flesh was devoured soon after death by vultures or wolves and even the bones have crumbled to dust."
   He then said, "A carcass left exposed after death is almost sure to be torn apart or devoured by carnivores or other scavengers." He added, "If it escapes these larger enemies, bacteria insure the decay of all but the hard parts, and even they (the bones) crumble to dust after a few years if exposed to the weather" (Historical Geology, pp. 35-36).
   This world-famous geologist then admitted, "For these reasons, burial after death is the most important condition favoring preservation" (pp. 35-36). In other words, only a catastrophe such as a flood can preserve animal remains as fossils.

How Fossils Were Preserved

   But since we do find vast beds of fossil remains, we know some catastrophe SUDDENLY buried them. Entire species were exterminated. The old and the young, those with sharp teeth, with strong muscle, with fleet legs, with plenty of food around, ALL PERISHED.
   It is obvious that if these animals which left fossil remains had died on top of the ground like the American bison they would have decayed into dust without leaving the slightest trace of fossil remains, and no scientist would ever know they had existed.
   Evolutionary geologists do not know why vast herds of animals that used to walk the fields and forests were SUDDENLY exterminated, but unlike the American bison left vast beds of fossil remains.
   Most "'modern geology textbooks are strangely silent about the fact that the fossil remains prove there was a sudden-world-wide destruction of animals that lived during the time early man lived on earth. Why? Are they afraid the evidence proves Noah's Flood really did occur?
   Evolutionary geologists are unwilling to admit that the evidence proves a world-wide Flood SUDDENLY covered up vast herds of animals which roamed the earth in the days of Noah.

Mysteries Evolutionary Geology Cannot Answer

   Geologists have also been puzzled because some mammals like the deer, cattle, and sheep which left fossil remains still survive, while other mammals that also left fossil remains were totally exterminated.
   The fossil record shows that the saber-toothed tiger, the dire wolf and the short-faced bear suddenly became extinct in both the Old and the New World. Many birds also became extinct.
   The geologist Flint says that in America, "all the camels, all the horses, all the ground sloths, two genera of musk-oxen, peccaries, pronghorns, all but one species of bison... a giant beaver-like animal, a stag-moose, and several kinds of cats, some of which were of lion size" suddenly became extinct. (Glacial and Pleistocene Geology, p. 468)
   Eiseley admits that the sudden extinction of many mammal groups drives "the biologist to despair as he surveys the extinction of so many species and genera" (American Anthropologist, XLVIII [1946], 54).
   Apart from the Genesis account there is no way to know that both the extinct mammals and all but a minimum of breeding stock of those who still survive were all destroyed by the Flood.
   Your Bible reveals that all mammals we find today are descendants of the animals Noah took into the Ark (Gen. 8:17).
   After the Flood, cattle continued to reproduce cattle; dogs continued to reproduce dogs, cats continued to reproduce cats, just as they had done ever since creation (Gen. 1:24).
   But each KIND is divided into BREEDS, or VARIETIES. From the original seven pairs of cattle Noah took into the Ark, we now have many different breeds (or varieties) of cattle, but they are still cattle. From the original pair of dogs we now have many different breeds (or varieties) of dogs, but they are still dogs; from the original pair of cats have descended the many different breeds of cats, but they are still cats.
   Many of the so-called extinct species of such animals as the horse are not extinct kinds but merely an extinct variety of a still-existing kind.
   But since geologists do find fossil remains of extinct mammals that lived during the time early man lived on earth, it is obvious that either Noah did not take these now-extinct varieties into the Ark, or else these varieties were taken into the Ark but failed to survive the different climatic conditions which prevailed after the Flood.

Fossils Are Flood Deposits

   Geology textbooks are also strangely silent about the fact that geologists have found great cracks in the earth called ossiferous fissures." These are filled with rocks and fossil bones of animals.
   Many of these great cracks are from 140 to 300 feet in depth.
   Almost no one realizes that most of these cracks were caused by violent earthquakes which accompanied Noah's Flood and by post-Flood movements during what scientists mislabel "ice ages."
   The geologist Joseph Prestwich of Oxford (1874-88) found that many of these great earthquake cracks are full of fossil bones of "mammoth hippopotamus, rhinoceros, horse, polar bear and bison."
   He said even though these bones are found with the fossil remains of hyena, wolf and lion, they neither "shoot/ wear," nor signs that they have "been gnawed by beasts of prey" (Prestwich, On Certain Phenomena Belonging to the Close of the Last Geological Period..., pp. 25-26). These animals were buried SUDDENLY. They did not have time to eat each other.
   These huge earthquake cracks, jammed full of fossil bones, have been found all over Western Europe.
   In these "ossiferous fissures," geologists have found many fossil remains of types of mammals that once lived but no longer live. Geologists confess they do not know why these mammals became extinct. These mammals were all destroyed by the Flood. As we have shown, they no longer live because of two possible reasons. Either Noah did not take a pair of these now-extinct species or types, or breeds into the Ark, or else these extinct types failed to survive the drastic change in the earth's climate after the Flood. Bear in mind that Noah had to take representations of each kind, but not every variety of a kind, into the Ark.

Fossils Found on Top of Hills

   One of the most spectacular examples of a fossil burial ground is found on the island of Cerigo, off the coast of Greece.
   Here a mountain called the "mountain of bones" is covered from the base to the summit with fossils. Instinctive fear of rising floodwaters drove these animals to seek the higher hills. But the rising floodwaters overtook them' and vast herds perished on this mountain and were buried by the onrushing silt-laden floodwaters.
   Don't you think paleontologists realize that animals always flee to higher ground when threatened by water that these animals obviously fled from the rising floodwaters?
   Yes, unless evolutionary geologists have deliberately rejected the truth for so long they are now blind to truth, they must surely realize these animals sought refuge in the high hills to escape the rising surge of floodwaters. Commonsense alone dictates the sound-minded conclusion that floodwaters and post-flood upheavals washed animal remains into these gigantic earthquake cracks.
   In these mass graves there are no teeth, marks, of hyena or any other animal. Why? Obviously all the animals were destroyed suddenly, before they had time to eat one another. If these wild animals had died naturally, in normal times, other wild animals would have had time to eat their remains.
   The fact that animals of all sizes and ages, both young and old, were suddenly buried together irrefutably proves they were suddenly buried by terrible catastrophes, Your Bible reveals this catastrophe was a world-wide Flood!
   The " "ossiferous fissures," or earthquake cracks, were not the only type of burial ground for the fossils.

Yet another Problem for Evolutionists

   Evolutionary geologists, of course, confess that fossils could be preserved only by quick burial. But they try to attribute all this fossilization to flash floods of rivers, and other such local occurrences which geologists use in their reasoning (Historical Geology, pp. 35-39). This is an obvious impossibility when we consider that there are also sedimentary layers containing millions of fossils, covering thousands of square miles an impossibility for the local burial the evolutionist postulates.
   An outstanding example is the world-famous burial ground of animals at Agate Springs, in the low sand hills on the plains of northwestern Nebraska.
   R.S. Lull, director of the Peabody Museum at Yale, said these fossils "... form a veritable pavement of interlacing bones..." (R.S. Lull, Fossils, p. 34).
   Fossil experts from the Carnegie Museum found 164,000 bones of mammals in a space of 1350 square feet.
   Mammals of every kind died in great numbers and were buried in a tangle of bones. These mammals obviously were first drowned by the rising floodwaters and then carried along to Agate Springs, where they were buried under several layers of sediment.

Even Soft Parts Preserved as Fossils

   At Geiseltal, Germany, geologists have found buried as fossils "a complete mixture of plants and insects from all climatic zones" (N. Heribert-Nilsson, Synthetische Artbildung, pp. 1195-1196).
   This famous Swedish scientist said, "... in certain cases the leaves have been deposited and preserved in a fully fresh condition" (pp. 1195-1196).
   Nilsson also notes that there was preserved the "soft parts of the insects: muscles, corium, epidermis, keratin, color stuffs as melanin and lipochrome, glands, and the contents of the intestines" (Synthetische Artbildung, pp. 1195-1196).
   The soft parts of insects deteriorate beyond recognition in a few hours by the natural proms of decay. How could the body of a dead insect, such as a common housefly, be preserved for long ages while waiting for sedimentary rock layers to gradually form around it? Scientific facts prove the burial of these fossil insects was exceedingly rapid.
   Here is clear proof that these plants, animals, insects, and fish were suddenly buried by silt-laden floodwaters before the slightest decay could begin. Even the paleontologist N.D. Newell admits that in these "Eocene," or Flood deposits, in Geiseltal, "More than six thousand remains of vertebrate animals and a great number of insects molluscs, and plants were found... saw "well-preserved bits of hair, feathers and scales..." He said, "The stomach contents of beetles, amphibia, fishes, birds and mammals provided direct evidence about eating habits" (N.D. Newell, "Adequacy of the Fossil Record," Journal of Paleontology, Vol. 33, May 1959, p. 496). Yes, these fossil remains of insects, fish, and land animals in Geiseltal, Germany, were buried SUDDENLY by the Flood. The proof is irrefutable!

Why Geologists Ignore Facts

   Why do evolutionary geologists so often fail to mention the fact that many a sedimentary rock layer is packed with the mixed fossil remains of BOTH land animals and deep-sea fish?
   The answer is that evolutionary geologists follow the, practice of ignoring all facts that they cannot explain by their theories. Deep-sea fish and land animals could not possibly have died naturally in the same spot. They were undoubtedly brought together by moving water.
   It is neither logical nor scholarly to ignore the proof that a world-wide Flood buried sea life and land life together.
   There is certainly nothing being formed today like the enormous fossil beds that were deposited by Noah's Flood!
   Evolutionary geologists just do not understand this evidence.

TWO Catastrophes

   Neither do geologists understand why the rocks laid down by Noah's Flood can in general be dug with a shovel, while those below are usually so hard they can be dug into only with dynamite and cutting tools.
   The answer is plain!
   There were two great times of destruction, two great catastrophes! And that first catastrophe which befell the earth before the creation of man and other warm-blooded creatures was even more sudden, more terrible than what befell the world in Noah's day. The earth was left in utter darkness (Gen. 1:2). God had to reshape the surface of the earth and recreate life in six days (Gen. 1 and 2; Psalm 104:29-30).
   There is no way to understand how these events happened without using the Bible as a basis.

Millions of Years? or Minutes?

   The geologist Hugh Miller describes the remarkable layers of fossilized fish from the pre-Adamic world. He said: "The stratum, over wide areas, seems an almost continuous layer of matter: bones, jaws, teeth, spines, scales, palatal plates, and shagreen-like bristles, all massed together... "
   He admitted these fish showed irrefutable signs of having suffered a violent death: "The figures are contorted, contracted, curved; the tail in many instances is bent around to the head; the spines stick out, the fins are spread to the full, as in fish that die in convulsions....'
   These fish were buried so suddenly that they "were fixed in their attitude of terrorism and surprise" (Hugh Miller, The Old Red Sandstone).
   Many of these fossil fish were buried so suddenly that traces of color upon their skin are still preserved.
   The next article will prove that these fish of "The Old Red Sandstone" were buried as fossils in a catastrophe which occurred BEFORE man was created less than 6,000 years ago. We will show you astonishing proof that coal was formed by this pre-Adamic catastrophe.

Does God Intervene in World Affairs?

   We saw in the first article on the Flood that many theologians who ought to know better have allowed evolutionary geologists to dupe them into believing that God has never intervened in the past history of the earth. This mistake leads them to think they have no cause to fear that He will intervene in world affairs in the future.
   Nothing could be farther from the truth! They ought to read their Bibles to find out what really is the truth. The Apostle Peter issued a stern-warning against the modernists of his day who mocked at the Biblical warning that the second coming of Christ would occur, that the Kingdom of God would be firmly established on earth (II Peter 3:4).
   The Apostle Peter warns us against believing the foolish idea that God will never-intervene in human affairs because some scoffer claims He has never intervened in the past.
   Because we have proved that a great world-wide Flood occurred, we have also proved that the Bible account is true. Because we have proved that the inspired Bible account of the Flood is true, we have also proved that God is Creator and Ruler and has the power that it took to destroy all life from the earth with a Flood, just as your Bible reveals.
   Because God reveals that it will happen, the second coming of Christ is even more certain than the rising of the sun in the morning.
   But because mankind has been deceived into believing he is able to find the answers to life apart from the Bible the FOUNDATION of all knowledge God is not going to send Jesus Christ to rule this earth until, if He should wait one more day, man would blast himself off the face of the earth (Matt. 24:22).

Why You Need the Truth

   If there ever was a need for right KNOWLEDGE for understanding and WISDOM it is now!
   Even a brief glance at the world today reveals we have a world in which science is unable to abolish sickness, disease, fears and worries, insecurity, high taxes, mounting crime waves, graft, mismanagement in high places, strife and competition among nations. Millions realize we are on the very verge of nuclear Cosmocide.
   Scientists are madly struggling to find the answers to survival, apart from God, before man annihilates himself with atom and hydrogen bombs. These answers can't ever be found apart' from God, for God is the source of all knowledge, all wisdom and all life there is no other source!
   Let's learn to look to the SOURCE of right understanding the BEGINNING of knowledge the WAY to wisdom! Let us come out of this world of scientific and spiritual confusion.
   God promises, if we turn to Him with our whole hearts, He will deliver us from the frightening inventions of misguided science and human government in the days ahead (Rev. 3:10).

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1964Vol XXIX, No.1