Needed - a World SUPER-GOVERNMENT!
Plain Truth Magazine
February 1964
Volume: Vol XXIX, No.2
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Needed - a World SUPER-GOVERNMENT!

Khrushchev has just issued a letter to world leaders. He proposes a pact in which all states renounce force in settling territorial disputes. Here's why it will not work and what the Bible says will bring us peace at last!

   WHY DOES the threat of world annihilation hover ominously over all the nations today? Why do millions fear that World War III might suddenly be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world?
   Simply because there is no SUPREME AUTHORITY to stop it!
   A holocaust could be triggered through a mechanical or electronic defect, through human carelessness or miscalculation, or through the irrational acts of a madman at the helm of any nation possessing nuclear weapons! No man-devised world government could prevent it.

Why a Supreme Authority?

   All men who are intimately concerned with the problem of world-survival admit that something drastic must be done if Cosmocide is to be prevented!
   Many of the world's foremost leaders and statesmen have publicly confessed that the nations urgently need a supreme world authority capable of holding aggressive nations in check.
   If people are to survive at all, it can be only through the instrumentality of a WORLD SUPER-GOVERNMENT!
   Said Edward Teller in the Saturday Evening Post, February 3, 1962, "International law HARDLY EXISTS today. Yet it is one of our most vital needs... We must work for the establishment of a world authority sustained by moral force and physical force a WORLD GOVERNMENT capable of enforcing world-wide law."
   Dr. Charles E. Osgood, of the University of Illinois, not long ago revealed his fear of the spread of nuclear armament. "'All this frightens the daylights out of me, but frightening people isn't enough,' he said. 'What we need, and that most urgently, is an enlivened search for NEW ALTERNATIVES to war as a means of resolving human conflicts. A WORLD GOVERNMENT may be the ONLY PERMANENT SOLUTION, ' he said" (Dallas Times Herald, Dec. 28, 1960).
   But what man or nation has the WISDOM, or the POWER to establish a workable system of world government?

Bad Government the CAUSE of World Ills

   There is a second important reason all the world needs the right kind of world government. Look around you, regardless of the nation you live in. Take a good look at the ignorance and superstition; the sickness, disease and insanity; the lawlessness, greed and competition, strife and bloodshed, the graft, bribery and corruption (yes, even in high places in government). Observe the misery, the poverty and unhappiness, the hopelessness. These are the symptoms of a sick and dying society!
   What is the root cause of all these things?
   These things don't just happen! They aren't just accidents they are caused!
   The root cause of all of the world's ills is HUMAN government!
   There would be NO sickness or disease, poverty or misery, ignorance or superstition; neither would there be any unhappiness throughout the world if man would accept and obey the laws and the government of God!
   But who would be qualified to establish that World Government?

Why U.N. Cannot Maintain Peace

   Following the nightmarish bloodbath of World War I, the LEAGUE OF NATIONS came into being. It was born on January 10, 1920. But it utterly failed to preserve peace in the world.
   The League of Nations was unable to prevent the bombardment of Corfu (a Greek island) by Italy in 1923. It did not stop the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931. Or the conquest of helpless Ethiopia by Mussolini in 1935. Hitler's grab of the Sudetenland and his blitzkrieg against Poland in 1939 went unimpeded. The League of Nations proved totally incapable of maintaining world peace and preventing World War II.
   Then, on April 18, 1946 (at the youthful age of twenty-six) the League of Nations officially died an ignominious death!
   Meanwhile, another attempt at World Government began.
   On October 24, 1945, the United Nations Charter became effective.
   "Like the covenant of the League of Nations, this charter set up an ASSOCIATION OF STATES rather than a world government. Though armed force was used under the United Nations to check aggression in Korea, beginning in 1950, there continued throughout the world a realization that the preservation of world peace called for an organization STRONGER THAN THE UNITED NATIONS" (Ency. Amer., Vol. 13, art. "Government").
   The United Nations, like its predecessor, the League of Nations, has proved incapable of either preventing or forcibly stopping the Cold War. It can put a check on brush-fire type wars and it can exert a limited amount of pressure on belligerent nations; but it has not forcibly stopped any war. Any nation, big and powerful or small and weak, can defy the United Nations with impunity! It has plenty of growl and bark; but no teeth no real bite to check an aggressor!
   Why have the League of Nations and the United Nations utterly failed in their attempts to establish and preserve world peace?
   The answer is simply that this "association of nations" was not designed or willing to seek peace God's way!
   "ASSOCIATE yourselves, O ye people, and YE SHALL BE BROKEN IN PIECES; and give ear, all ye of far countries: gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces. Take COUNSEL TOGETHER, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand (Isa. 8:9, 10).
   Though the DIS-United Nations have associated themselves, and though millions of words have been uttered in the U.N. Council Chamber yet there is no peace, because these nations have left God out of the picture!
   "If we will not be governed by God, then we will be governed by tyrants," said William Penn, one of the early leaders of America. That was never truer than today! But today men believe God is a tyrant and that man's laws are better than God's laws.
   "Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it" (Psa. 127:1).
   The nations of this world have REJECTED GOD and HIS LAWS His way of government. They grope helplessly and hopelessly in their attempt to find the solution to world peace! But there is no real peace!
   World leaders, statesmen and scientists do not say, "If war comes." They talk of "WHEN nuclear war comes!"
   God solemnly declares: "The WAY of peace they [the nations] know not" (Isa. 59:8).

"Government" What Does It Mean?

   Have you ever stopped to analyze what the word "government" means?
   The English word "govern" is derived from the Latin word "guberare" meaning "to steer a ship, guide, rule." But there are different kinds of rule or government. Not all governments are the same!
   Some individuals even advocate no government at all, or ANARCHY. If a citizen has total unrestrained license, he is an anarchist. Such lack of government results in utter disregard for the rights, properties and lives of others. Nothing but total disintegration of society can follow anarchy. We must have government!
   But what kind of government is the BIG QUESTION!
   There are THREE BASIC TYPES of human government existing on this earth today the same three types which have governed mankind since the dawn of history.
   Every government which has existed since the beginning of history has been some form of MONARCHY (rule by one), or OLIGARCHY (rule by a few), or DEMOCRACY (rule by the people). These three types of government still rule this present world.

How Democracy Began

   DEMOCRACY is not a modern invention. The ancient Greek city-states were democratic ruled by the "people" the demos in the Greek language.
   Men have invented two types of democracy: (1) PURE democracy, and (2) REPRESENTATIVE democracy.
   A PURE democracy is a government in which all of the people have a direct voice (vote) in all issues or matters of their government. A pure democracy is admittedly cumbersome. It is far too costly, too time-consuming, too complicated and too difficult. It is just not practical!
   The second type of democracy is called a REPRESENTATIVE democracy. Most modern democratic or republican governments (such as the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, and South Africa) are actually representative democracies. This means that the people elect representatives to vote in their behalf and supposedly as they would vote.
   Who were the first persons to try the democratic or republican form of government? Our first parents! Mother Eve was the first to choose a way which she thought was right contrary to God's established law. Adam was the second person to cast his vote, following naively in the footsteps of his wife. Of course, that way ended in DEATH! (Gen. 2:17, 5:5; Prov. 14:12)
   When God was establishing Israel as a nation in the wilderness, Korah and 250 assemblymen tried to overthrow God's government and establish a democracy with themselves representing the people (Num. 16:1-3). They failed.
   But how did the idea of democracy become rooted so deeply in modern times? "In 1762, Jean Jacques Rousseau, a French writer, published his Social Contract in which he took the position that ALL GOVERNMENT SHOULD GET ITS AUTHORITY FROM THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE GOVERNED" (Ency. Amer., 1960 Ed., Vol. 13, art. "Government"). It began in France, a nation with a history of unstable government!
   In a democracy the people are usually permitted to criticize their leaders and government policies. The result is often bitterness, rivalry, corruption and assassinations.
   A second type of government by which man has governed himself IS OLIGARCHY, or ARISTOCRACY. This means that a few (usually the elite the wealthy or influential) have complete control of the state. Communism has the form of an oligarchy but it has usually ended as a dictatorship. Military juntas, feudal systems, Councils or Tribunals are various means by which an aristocracy or an oligarchy can rule. An oligarchy usually continues only long enough for the strongest man among the ruling few to rise to the top and then some form of monarchy or dictatorship is born.

Monarchy Supreme Rule by One

   A MONARCHIAL type of government is, in principle, rule by ONE. This form is known as an ABSOLUTE monarchy.
   Another type of monarchy is known as a LIMITED (or CONSTITUTIONAL) monarchy which may, in actual practice, be combined with democracy. This is the type of government which rules over Great Britain. The present monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is more of a symbol, a figurehead, rather than the actual substance of British governing power! She is strictly limited by British constitution and laws.
   Monarchs obtain their power in one of three ways. Some receive their power by heredity are born to become a king or queen. Some are elected. Others assume supreme power by strong-arm methods of force!
   The monarchies governing Great Britain and some other nations are hereditary. History shows there have been few stable monarchies few ruled over by wise and benevolent kings.
   Most authoritarian monarchies sooner or later have become degenerate dictatorships. Such totalitarian states are then ruled by tyrants, dictators or despots. Examples of tyranny or despotism can be found in Fascism and Communism. Fascism has also been considered as a form of aristocracy, since the elite were in control in the Fascist countries. However, the Fascist leaders Hitler and Mussolini were dictators in complete control! So, too, former Premier Joseph Stalin, and now Khrushchev of Russia and Mao of China.
   In a TOTALITARIAN state or nation, the STATE or government is considered ABOVE the individual and can regulate any and all facets of private life. In a DEMOCRATIC country, however, the INDIVIDUAL is considered ABOVE the state his rights and liberties are generally guarded by various laws and institutions.
   In Western nations the prevailing view today is that "the PEOPLE constitute the source of governmental authority" (Encyc. Brit., Vol. 13, art. "Government"). But is this God's way?

DIVINE Government Rule From Top Down

   Most people would be dumbfounded to learn that neither the democratic nor the republican system of government is God's government! They are human forms of government.
   God's system of government may be compared to a PYRAMID. It is Government from the top down. Your Bible says: "There is ONE LAWGIVER, who is able to save and to destroy" (James 4:12). God is the Supreme Authority. People do not know enough to rightly govern themselves. Neither do they know enough to wisely select the right man to govern them. God compares the masses of humanity to dumb sheep, and, as sheep always need a shepherd to watch over and govern them, so do people!
   All true law and all governing power and authority comes from God Almighty. It is God the FATHER in heaven who is the Chief Executive over the whole universe. Jesus said, "My Father is greater than I" (John 14:28). Christ also affirmed, "My FATHER... IS GREATER THAN ALL" (John 10:29).
   Jesus Christ is SECOND-in-command in God's pyramidical chain of governmental authority. Attending directly under Christ are innumerable heavenly beings angels and other spirit creatures.
   In the KINGDOM OF GOD, which Jesus Christ alone can and soon will establish on this earth, God the Father rules directly through Christ. Christ in turn rules through those whom He will choose or appoint to be directly under Him. Then those directly under Christ rule over others, who in turn rule over others all the way down to the bottom of the pyramid of God's system of perfect government!
   In Old Testament times, God appointed Moses to be the leader of His people. But the people of Israel did not want Moses to be their ruler (Ex. 2:14; Acts 7:27, 35). The people of Israel decided to take things into their own hands and elect their own leader who would take them back into Egypt. "And they said one to another, Let us make a CAPTAIN (or leader), and let us return into Egypt" (Num. 14:4). God stopped that insurrection by sending a plague (verses 36-37). It was very soon afterward that Korah tried to set up a democracy, saying all the congregation ought to have a voice in government (Num. 16:1-3).
   Finally, after God had directly ruled over the people of Israel through prophets and judges for hundreds of years, He permitted the rebellious people a human king like the rest of the nations. Yet He forewarned them that a human monarch would oppress them with heavy taxes, military draft, forced labor, land-grabbing and favoritism (I Sam. 8).
   The Bible is very clear in showing that it is always God who chooses His servants, whether prophets or kings. The people of Israel were never given so much as a single vote in the government, either in matters of STATE or RELIGION as long as God ruled shocking as that may seem!

Why God Must Rule

   Christ said: "You (the Twelve Apostles) have not chosen me, but I have chosen You, and ordained YOU... (John 15:16).
   Nearly two thousand long years ago, Jesus Christ came into Galilee preaching the Gospel of the KINGDOM OF GOD," the good news of the GOVERNMENT of God (Mark 1:14). Christ continually spoke of the Kingdom of God which He revealed would literally be set up on this earth.
   In a few short years the nations of this earth are going to see first-hand what the wonderful government of God Almighty is like. They will be utterly amazed. There will be no more Communism, no more Fascism. His government will not be left in the hands of the ignorant masses of people (see Dan. 2:44, 7:27). God's government will be the Supreme Authority, ruled by Christ from Jerusalem, Palestine (Jer. 3:17; Joel 2:32; Zech. 2:12, 8:20-23, 14:16-19).
   As an example: King David will rule over the nation of Israel (Ezek. 34:23, 37:24, 25; Jer. 30:9; Hos. 3:5). UNDER DAVID will be the TWELVE APOSTLES who will rule over the Twelve Tribes of Israel (Matt. 19:28). Under them will be the lesser rulers, the then-made-immortal Christians ruling in lesser offices of authority (see Luke 19:12-19). "And he that OVERCOMETH, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give POWER over the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received [authority to rule] of my Father" (Rev. 2:26, 27. See also Rev. 5:10; Isa. 30:19-21; Psa. 149:4-9).
   In the soon-coming Millennial age (the World Tomorrow) the nations will at last learn God's government! They will then learn that God Almighty rules the whole universe through His "holy," "perfect" and "royal law of liberty" (Psa. 19:7-9; Prov. 6:23; Rom. 6:12, 14; Jas. 1:25, 2:8). The Ten Commandments comprise the heart and core of God's royal law!

Result of God's Government? Utopia!

   It is only when mankind has learned to voluntarily submit to the wise government (or rule) of the Supreme Creator-Ruler of the universe, that man will at last be blessed with real peace, happiness, health, joy and overflowing goodness and abundance beyond description! Also, this is the only way by which mankind can ever receive eternal life.
   In the very near future, the righteous, all-wise, all-powerful government of Almighty God will be established on this earth. Jesus Christ will rule all nations with a rod of iron (Rev. 19:15). Then the whole earth will be at peace and will bask in indescribable prosperity (see Isa. 2, 9, 11; Zech. 14).
   "And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house (God's Kingdom) shall be established in the top of the mountains (kingdoms), and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of HIS WAYS, and we will walk in HIS PATHS: for out of Zion shall go forth the LAW, and the WORD OF THE LORD from Jerusalem. And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more" (Isa. 2:2-4).
   Jesus Christ, the Supreme King, will rule over the Kingdom of God over the territory of the whole earth. All the people of the world will be His subjects and the LAW of God will be His government!
   "Of the increase of His [God's] government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon HIS KINGDOM (a monarchy), to order it, and to establish it WITH JUDGMENT and WITH JUSTICE from henceforth even FOR EVER" (Isa. 9:7).
   "The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea" (Isa. 11:9).
   Here, at last, we see a true, soon-to-be-fulfilled utopian picture of WORLD PEACE God's way! True PEACE, PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS through the perfect, WORLD-RULING GOVERNMENT of the SUPREME, CREATOR-RULER GOD!
   When you see the sin and the wretchedness (which the governments of man have produced); and when you compare this with God's perfect government which will at last bring about a Utopia then you, too, will cry out "Thy KINGDOM come. Thy WILL be done IN EARTH, as it is in heaven"! (Matt. 6:10)

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Plain Truth MagazineFebruary 1964Vol XXIX, No.2