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Who was Esther's cousin who raised her when she became an orphan?

Esther 2:7

The Shocking Truth About COLLEGE EDUCATION
Plain Truth Magazine
April 1964
Volume: Vol XXIX, No.4
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The Shocking Truth About COLLEGE EDUCATION

More students than ever before will enter college or a university next autumn. Yet almost none knows the shocking TRUTH about how this system of higher education developed - its RECENT DRIFT - and why the system will be obsolete in 15 more years. TRUTH is stranger than fiction! Are you a college student? - a high school senior, thinking about whether to go on to college, or which college? I've got NEWS for you! If you are already in college, or a university, what are you learning? Are you sure you are learning the really IMPORTANT things? Are you learning what are the true values? Are you learning only how to earn a living - in a profession - in science, technology, in teaching, in business - but NOT learning how to live? Are you sure you are keeping up with the times? Is it possible that even today's most modern curricula are already out-of-date - utterly failing to prepare you for the time s you live in, and the changes immediately ahead?

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1964Vol XXIX, No.4