The Bible Answers Short Questions From Our Readers
Plain Truth Magazine
May 1964
Volume: Vol XXIX, No.5
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The Bible Answers Short Questions From Our Readers
Plain Truth Staff  

"Is there prophetic significance in the fact that America has not won a single war since the Korean crisis? The recent death of General MacArthur prompts me to ask this question."
J. R., Ackerman, Mississippi

   In 1951, the United States faced one of the most momentous decisions ever faced by a nation. Would the United States, then involved in the Korean conflict, turn her forces against the Chinese Communist hordes beyond the Yalu River and hasten victory, or would the United Nations forces halt their drive at the Yalu, deliberately and unnecessarily permitting the Communists an unprecedented sanctuary?
   General Douglas MacArthur, commander of the U.N. army stood poised to attack the Communists before they could rebuild their strength in Communist Manchuria. He sought permission to attack and conclude the war, but this permission was denied by President Truman!
   MacArthur was shocked!
   Never before had any nation's wartime leader sought any lesser objective than to win!
   To give away a great advantage was unthinkable! But the dilemma was not military alone, MacArthur knew the oriental mind in a way few Westerners ever have. He knew Orientals cannot respect a nation that decides to quit while winning! To Stop short of complete victory to take no action against a retreating and defeated enemy was a course of weakness to be noted by nations in both hemispheres!
   Yet it was this weak policy that the American administration adopted!
   MacArthur was relieved of his command!
   Thus began America's official "no-win" policy, and the United States has not won a war since!
   Almighty God prophesied just such a bungle of American power!
   In Leviticus 26:37 God said that one of the curses for not following His laws would be "and you shall have no power to stand before your enemies!" Notice also verse 19 of this same chapter, "... And I will break the pride of your power!"
   So soon after the allied victory in World War II, the most powerful nation of the world was stripped of its power. Fatal mistake upon fatal mistake has cost America the PRIDE OF ITS POWER, and no longer does the name of the United States command the respect of the world. The United States has begun the toboggan slide toward weakness, close on the heels of the disappearing British Commonwealth!
   The replacement of Douglas MacArthur in Korea was a turning point in American history. His death accents the whirlwind decline in American power.
   The United States has won its last war! Your Bible says so! This is the inevitable remit of the American people not following God's law! Notice that it is Almighty God who makes and unmakes nations. (Jeremiah 18:7-10!)
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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1964Vol XXIX, No.5