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Who would not believe that Jesus was risen from the dead, until he could see the nail marks?

John 20:25

How Would Jesus Vote for PRESIDENT?
Plain Truth Magazine
October 1964
Volume: Vol XXIX, No.10
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How Would Jesus Vote for PRESIDENT?

Christ's Message was concerned with the government of nations. Christians are those who follow Christ. Here's what He would do. The Presidential campaign is on full blast. The issue of survival of the nation will fall squarely on the shoulders of the next President. World war threatens to explode in Cyprus and Southeast Asia. Frightful atomic war! War that means annihilation of civilization. America this minute is in grave danger. The issue is a matter of government! Christ Was Interested in GOVERNMENT. Few realize it, because they do not hear it today, but the GOSPEL OF CHRIST - the Gospel Jesus brought from God and preached - was a message about government!

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Plain Truth MagazineOctober 1964Vol XXIX, No.10