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Who are we: Our maternal grandfather was an Eygptian priest. Mum's name was Asenath. We ultimately became the possessor of the birthright promises. We were supposed to teach the world God's way of life, but about all we did was to teach them cricket and baseball.
Ephraim and Manasseh

Genesis 41:45-50

Plain Truth Magazine
November 1964
Volume: Vol XXIX, No.11
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Plain Truth Staff  

As we go to press three momentous events have rocked the world. This is the most important news in years! Moscow, October 15: "Khrushchev ousted!" During the previous four days high-ranking Reds held super-secret gatherings at the Kremlin. Charges against Soviet Dictator Khrushchev were hurriedly drawn up by the conspirators. Khrushchev, vacationing on the Black Sea, was unaware of the proceedings. He anticipated a triumphal return to Moscow in celebration of latest Soviet victory in space. Then came the sudden telephone call. Khrushchev was told to return to Moscow for an important committee meeting. Flushed with anger, Khrushchev replied he was first secretary of the Communist Party and would decide on meetings, Almost immediately the secret police appeared at Gagra, on the Black Sea. Reports are that five of them "escorted" Khrushchev to Moscow.

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Plain Truth MagazineNovember 1964Vol XXIX, No.11