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What was Christianity on numerous occasions referred to in the Bible?
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The Bible Story - Your People Are My People
Plain Truth Magazine
February 1965
Volume: Vol XXX, No.2
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The Bible Story - Your People Are My People

The army of the eleven tribes of Israel had divided into three parts. After setting the Benjamite city of Gibeah on fire, they managed to bottle up the people who had escaped from the city - plus the whole Benjamite fighting force. (Judges 20:29-41.) Unrestrained Slaughter. In the furious battle that followed, about eighteen thousand soldiers of the tribe of Benjamin died. With so many troops involved in such close action, a few thousand Benjamite men managed to escape. Most of these took to the roads leading northeast, hoping to reach a certain mountain hideout.

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Plain Truth MagazineFebruary 1965Vol XXX, No.2