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Who said he could destroy the temple and in three days build it up?
Jesus Christ

John 2:19

Personal from the Editor
Plain Truth Magazine
March 1965
Volume: Vol XXX, No.3
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Personal from the Editor

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - HOW MANY of our readers, I wonder, would realize that a basketball game, as illustrated on our cover of this number of The PLAIN TRUTH, could be an important part of EDUCATION? Before you draw conclusions - wait a minute! Let me give you some FACTS I'm sure you don't know. All colleges - at least, certainly, nearly all - have basketball teams. And do they consider basketball games a part of the EDUCATIONAL function of the college or university? Probably not. It doesn't rate any academic credits. But this gives me an opportunity to explain another way in which AMBASSADOR Colleges are different! Yes, and so refreshingly different! So delightf1llly different! Through the recent basketball season, we have been having doubleheader basketball games on either Saturday nights or Sunday nights, in our recently completed gymnasium. The gymnasium itself is a port of the new Physical Education Facility - and absolutely the most beautiful building of its kind we have ever seen.

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1965Vol XXX, No.3