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We Saw the Pope!
Plain Truth Magazine
March 1965
Volume: Vol XXX, No.3
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We Saw the Pope!

Suddenly the world spotlight is focused on Asia. First came the Pope's triumph in India. Now the U.S. attacks on North Vietnam. What does it all mean? To get the facts firsthand we sent two members of our Australian editorial staff throughout India and Southeast Asia. The first of their surprising reports is published in this issue. Without precedent and unparalleled in the history of the Roman Catholic Church this is Pope Paul VI's view of his trip to Bombay, India. For the first time since Pope Pius VII left the Vatican in 1805 to crown Napoleon "Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire," the Catholic Church has a "traveling Pope." In his second major trip in a year, Pope Paul VI astounded the world by going to non-Catholic India. The official purpose was to attend the 38th International Eucharistic Congress being held in Bombay. But the real purpose is too often overlooked!

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1965Vol XXX, No.3