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College Students Reveal Why Ambassador Is Different
Plain Truth Magazine
July 1965
Volume: Vol XXX, No.7
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College Students Reveal Why Ambassador Is Different
David P Wainwright   BioChurch of God

Ambassador College: 1962

Why do university graduates from around the world come to the Ambassador Colleges? Read the answer in the students' own words. Each year, an increasing number of university graduates begin a second academic career at one of the three Ambassador Colleges. In the past four years alone, students from over 150 different colleges have entered Ambassador as freshmen. Last year, 46 percent of the incoming class were from other universities a statistic unheard of at any other college or university in the world! Think of it! And incredible as it may seem, all indications show that next year this percentage will be increased even further. Yes, Ambassador has a worldwide appeal stretching from America's U.C.L.A. on the West Coast to New York's C.C.N.Y., and abroad from Oxford to the University of Sydney. But just what do graduates from these universities feel is still lacking in their education? Why do alumni of Oxford, Harvard and Yale decide to enroll at Ambassador? In what way do these young men and women from top - flight institutions feel their colleges have not given them enough? What makes them look else - where, and why do they find Ambassador different? Let them tell us in their own words. The report is SHOCKING!

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly 1965Vol XXX, No.7