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What gift did Solomon ask from God?

I Kings 3:9

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Just What IS the "Old-Fashioned Gospel"?

What a WEIRD spectacle modern "Christianity" presents when we understand. Read here the gripping TRUTH about what Jesus really taught - and the real PURPOSE of your life. Last night my wife and I attended a magnificent performance of Handel's "Messiah." It was presented by Ambassador College, Bricket Wood, England. The actual performance took place in the beautiful Watford Town Hall - and was attended by hundreds of friends and neighbors in the area. It was an extremely balanced and moving performance. As the tenor aria "Thou shalt break them" was being sung. I was moved by the tremendous meaning of the words. The soloist seemed to emphasize the companion phrase: "Thou shalt DASH them," with a particular feeling.

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly 1965Vol XXX, No.7