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What Roman Govenor had a name like that of a well known oat?

Acts 23:24

Christian MANHOOD - Is It a
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Christian MANHOOD - Is It a "Lost Cause"?
Roderick C Meredith   
Church of God

Born: June 21, 1930
Died: May 18, 2017
Member Since: 1949
Ambassador College: 1952
Ordained: December 20, 1952
Office: Evangelist

What was Jesus Christ REALLY like? Why are so many of His characteristics MISSING in our modern Christianity? Do you know what constitutes true Christian Masculinity? What a confused scene! Here was a place of worship - a temple, actually - and yet it was filled with the smell of manure and the sights and sounds of tradesmen and moneychangers! Suddenly, a powerfully built 30 year-old man appeared. The breadth of his shoulders and the girth of his chest was evident as he strode confidently into the picture. His nostrils quivered and his posture stiffened as the animal stench and the raucous babble of the tradesmen and money changers came under his immediate scrutiny. He paused only for a moment as the full impact of this cheap and tawdry scene in God's temple became evident. Then he moved forward swiftly. He jerked the heavy tables of the moneychangers out from under them and turned them over!

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1965Vol XXX, No.8
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